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BRIDGE INN (Edna, Texas)

Bridge Inn Site and Owners
Dance Pavilion & Bands
Victoria Gun Club
Highway 12 (now 59)

Mrs. Dorothy Billstein: The motto was "Live by the side of the road and be a friend to man"

Photograph of the Bridge Inn

Site and Owners:

Mail addressed to Bridge Inn, Texas, would go to Inez Post office & be delivered by rural carrier.
Creek had great bass fishing.

Dance Pavilion

Highway 12 (now 59)


Gun Club

Vignette 1928 [due June 1930?][ Pane [?] let 1-20-1972] Bridge Inn Notes From Lloyd Billstein, [Jeff [?] Hi Way Hi Way 12?][Bridge b[ui]lt on Garcitas started Ap[ri]l 1928.?][ Now no 59.] Sharpest curve on Hi Way this co[unty].

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