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African American Cemeteries Database Project


The African American Cemeteries Project consists of a searchable database created by James A. Lucas for the purpose of identifying the people that are recorded and their relationships to their families.  This research was conducted in 7 counties: Dewitt, Lavaca, Gonzales, Goliad, Jackson, Refugio, and Victoria. In these records, you will find names, gender, dates, parents, spouses & mates, and other notes. These lists are not complete, but Mr. Lucas welcomes additional information to better construct the most comprehensive, updated list possible.

This database was also created to meet the needs of African Americans who would like to know where their forefathers are located and what resources are available. A lot of this information may not exist other than in this research. Much of it may be unavailable for a number of reasons. There are some cemeteries that were never inventoried for the black people who are located there. Some cemeteries are not used anymore and others no longer exist because land-owners have taken those areas for their use.  Head stones and markers don’t exist in many cases. Additionally, many cemeteries have not been well taken care of and some have been taken over by grass and trees. James Lucas has pieced together some of the gaps in these cemeteries from sources that include personal interviews, funeral home records, earlier inventories, obituaries, and family tree research data.

Additional research has been done on most of the people in this listing. The names of people listed who have an asterisk (*) located in the gender column means that there is further information about them.   This information may be obtained by contacting James A. Lucas.


James Lucas Portrait Photo

James A. Lucas Bio:

James A. Lucas was born in Cuero, TX and currently resides in Victoria, TX where his hobbies after retirement include genealogy and independent research. His interest in compiling information about his family led to funeral home records and progressed to personal interviews, checking census records, and other forms of research on deceased African Americans. This research then formed into the African American Cemeteries Project involving 7 local counties surrounding Victoria.

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