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Indianola Immigrant Database


Dear Immigrant Descendant:

Thank you for your interest in helping us create the Indianola Immigrant Database.

Please either fill out the form electronically or print it out and send it to Patsy Hand:

  • Patsy Hand
  • 103 Buckingham St.
  • Victoria, TX 77904

The form is easy to fill out but we would like to remind you of a few things.

  1. We all know that the surnames were frequently misspelled. Please include any alternate spelling if you know them.
  2. Please type as clearly as possible. Keep in mind that someone with no knowledge of your family has to interpret your information, so be as specific as possible
  3. Although we will include your data without proof, we would appreciate a copy of any document that verifies the data you are sending. (Do not send the original.) Any information you include will be kept on file in the Victoria County Historical Commission Archives located at the Victoria College/ University of Houston Victoria Regional History Center, Phone number: 361 570-4176.
  4. One very important feature...when listing children on the form, please designate which children immigrated with parents and which were born in the United States.

Fill out the Indianola Submission Form. This form opens in a new window.

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