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Mr. Chairman:

Now there has been enough archeological data gathered around these locations and historical research done on them to prove beyond any doubt the locations, what they were used for and who used them... That I recommend to the Victoria Historical Survey Committee that an application be made to the State Historical Foundation for a large marker to commemorate, First...

.....The Toncahua Indians who lived here and had one of their main villages on the Toncahua Bank which is now within the City Park...

Second... To commemorate the efforts of the Franciscan Fathers to Christianize the Toncahuas by erecting in their village a stone Church Adjunct for their use and benefit...

Third... The Ford just below the Toncahua Bank, also within the City park, it being the Ford used by Don Martin de Leon when he crossed the river to found his Colony on the east side of the Guadalupe in 1824...

Fourth... To commemorate the whole of the Spanish Complex of Forts (La Bahia and Espiritu Santos) Missions and Adjunct Missions erected along the Guadalupe for the convenience of the Indians...The Dams, Irrigations Ditches (Asecquias) all in Victoria County and dates from 1726 to 1749...

For the site of placing of the marker, I would recommend the high Toncahua Bank at the north end of the City Park overlooking the river.

And for its worth, I would also recommend that the 25 x 40 foot rock building erected there by the Spaniards be similarly restored out of the same kind of rock as was used in its construction. We can get help for this project from the Foundation. As Mr. Sheppard wants all data on this site as soon as we can get it together, I am working on it now.

Last, but not in any way the least, I think that the City Park should have a name other than just City Municipal Park. What does the Committee think of Toncahua Park, for a park name?

John L. Jarratt, Sr.
November 7, 1966