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April 19, 1965


This name was given to a large iron cross found in the Lavaca river bottoms and is now in the Grace Espicopal [sic] Church at 201 Austin Street in Port Lavaca Texas.

In 1904 a Mr. W. H. Huffaker of Port Lavaca made a trip by boat up the Lavaca River on a wood scouting expedition for timber that would make good cord wood and in doing so found a piece of iron projecting from the ground. Huffaker unearthed this piece of iron, which turned out to be a well preserved cross, which bore a French inscription or possibly a church inscription. M-S cut or stamped on the cross arms. The cross has two (2) holes drilled in the upper part of the main shaft or stem. Cross is about 4 ½ or 5 feet high, the cross arms are about 3 feet and have the French flu-ur-de-lies. [sic]

According to the Rev. Alfred W. S. Gardens the lettering M-S on the cross stands for Maria Sanctissima. The cross was given to the Espicapal [sic] Church in 1917 by a daughter of W. H. Huffaker. This cross was seen by John L Jarratt, 4/19/1965.

The La Salle Cross

drawing of LaSalle Cross showing dimensions 3 feet wide by 4.5 feet high

[3 feet wide by 4 ½ feet high]

Has flu-ur-de-lies -- French
lettering M S. on cross arms

Photograph of the "LaSalle Cross" that hangs in Grace Episcopal Church in Port Lavaca.
Photograph taken by Robert Shook

Photograph of "LaSalle Cross" with detail closeup images

"This cross presented by Deaconess Lucile Bickford.
Found in the vicinity of old Fort St. Louis by W. H. Huffaker (in 1904).
Is surmised to be the old LaSalle Cross."