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Mr. Wiley Simon, Vanderbilt, Texas who now owns the Menefee Flats. Have permission to check the high ground around Flats. Found one Indian campsite and some rattlesnakes.

Mr. Charlie Sample , 411 Allen Street, Edna, Texas wants to check a site on the Lavaca River between El Toro and the old Vanderbilt road crossing. A[n] Indian campsite and some very old homemade brick. Place is near the old road crossing up stream.

7/14/66 - Checked the Arnold Koof place off the old Lavaca River Vanderbilt crossing. [ Near by but ] lower down river. Location of the old Haynes Wharf.

Mr. Rothie King, Oliver, Texas knows a lot about the Ward and Keeran ranches. His father, also a[n] old ranch cowboy, once pointed out the location of a[n] old hide and tallow factory. A rendering plant at Dimitts Point, just above the Ward ranch house on the bayou side of Menefee Flats.

Mr. Geo. Hutchins - old brick - he says French - on the Lavaca River. Also - Indian mound.
Indian mound has all ready [sic] been noted - 1934.