Claude Willemin Cemetery
In E. Linn Survey one quarter mile west of Raisin on Austin Willemin land. The old Claude Willemin home was nearby. Site overlooks Coleto Creek - in motte of large old live oak trees. Plot well maintained. Plot fifty feet by forty-two feet - white picket fence - all graves have stone markers. Some have names only. Spot marked "A" at northwest corner is grave of Negro child whose father was a section hand at the Aloe section house.

ROW 1[[Grave Site Number] Born Died]
1. Willemin, Victorine
2. Willemin, Albert
3. Willemin, Sylvan
4. Eifert, Henry
5. Willemin, Claude 10-18-1821, 5-31-1885
6. Willemin, Anna 5-31-1825, 4-23-1905
7. Willemin, Walter Allen 1-25-1890, 2-15-1890
8. Scheumack, Dan T.

ROW 2 (Grave Site Number)
1. Willemin, Edna
2. Willemin, Alcite (Bob)
3. Glock, Ella (Her mother [Abalina Willemin] [is] buried in Refugio. After 1868 [?])
4. Willemin, Stanley
5. Willemin, Jessie
6. Baby Brown
7. Scheumack, Octavia (Wife of Dan)

[Grave Site Number]
2. Dietzel, Claude Willemin (Her husband Gottlieb Dietzel [is] buried in Collettoville Cemetery) 12-23-1865, 5-31-1945