Daniel's Ranch Cemetery
Small cemetery established on DANIEL'S RANCH, a farm colony established by Leon Daniels about 1893.
Sixteen feet square. Built with cedar post corners, one by six rough heart board at top and bottom, two strands of barbed wire added later.
About nine miles north of Court House on Highway 77. Twenty-three high line poles north of intersection of Tate Rd. and Highway 77. Three poles north of gate to old STAR K home. Three hundred and twenty feet west of highway Fence. E-3 on county map.

Five people buried in cemetery:
Davis ? Age 19 or 20 (a School Teacher about 1894)
Griffith Infant 1894 or 1895
Grisham Mrs. (Ted) 1894 or 1895
Grisham Twins (children of Mrs. Grisham died at birth)
Mrs. Grisham died at birth of the twins who were born premature due to overwork of the Mother.