Harrison (George W.) Cemetery
Thirty feet by thirty feet. Southeast corner lot three, block four Victoria Hts addition to Victoria. Part of farm lot two, block one - E.A.T. near and west of intersection Washington and Colorado Street near Philips Bois-D-Arc hedge.
1915-1917 - boys in the area were always told of this plot by grown persons - Ed Schroeder, J. A. Fox, Mr. Douglas. These people spent much of their lives in the neighborhood and were native Victorians. Prior to 1900 there were three wooden markers and several stones on this plot. As late as 1920 there was a stone on this plot. The place was called "Graveyard" by the boys who lived and played in the area. I (S. R. Weisiger) played here from 1911 until about 1920 or 1921. Mr. J. A. (Noonie) Fox told us the man buried on this plot had his home by the burial plot. Mr. Fox was a descendent of Margaret Wright - the Nobles and the Bennets - some of the earliest settlers. Margaret Wright was here before De Leon established Victoria.

Harrison, George W. Buried in center of plot.
Harrison child buried on plot.
Harrison child buried on plot.
These three persons buried on plot according to records in office of Victoria County Clerk.
(See volume 3 page 283 July 29, 1847; volume 3 page 584 December 1847; volume 25 page 147; volume 97 page 12 ; volume 105 page 578)