John Emison Cemetery
In Elijah Stapp Survey miles northwest of Victoria on old John Schlein Ranch on south side of Lower Mission Valley Road FM 1685 (in 1969). Cemetery about one hundred fifty feet northwest of ranch house. Enclosed by chain link fence erected by Mrs. J. W. Stevenson (Power) in . No gate in fence. Cemetery is brush grown. Needs attention - headstones all standing - all erect and well preserved. Cemetery is fifteen feet by twenty feet.

[Grave Site Number]
1. Infant son of A. T. & Sarah Emison 3-12-1897, 3-25-1897
2. Emison, George E. 5-18-1854, 2-14-1902
3. Emison, John W. 11-16-1856, 11-12-1901

[Grave Site Number]
1. Baby (Daughter of E. A. & Nettie Emison) 9-14-1905, 9-21-1905
2. Vacant- Col. John Field buried here. Remains removed and buried in Power Cemetery.
3.Emison, John A. 8-8-1827, 12-26-1887

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