Kobitz Cemetery
On Preston Kobitz (1969) land in Jose Maria Hernandez LG. Three and one half miles northwest of Raisin - off Kobitz Road. Plot thirty feet by thirty feet - fenced. Only three graves are marked said to be nine burials in cemetery - several nice trees along fence. Grave spaces from left to right - starting at southwest corner. On Edwin Dietzel property.

[Grave] space
1. Beck, Mrs. Albert Sr. (Mother of Albert Beck - First Mrs. Frank Beck Sr.)
2. Kobitz, Theresa ? Young girl 14 or 15. Sister of Charles Kobitz.
3. Kobitz age 15. Sister of Charles Kobitz (Probably same as Meta)
4. Kobitz, Meta 7-13-1885, 12-8-1903

[Grave] space
1. Hahman, Emil ? Brother of Mrs. Sandhop Sr.?
2. Kobitz, Mrs. Carl (Caroline)
3. Kobitz, Carl (Father of Charles Kobitz). 1-30-1842, 8-3-1888
4. Hahman, Gustav (Uncle of Mrs. Fred Sandhop Sr.?) 7-3-1868, 1-20-1903
Grandmother Kobitz said to be buried here.
A girl named Beck died in [the] Kobitz home of [a] heart attack and [is] said to be buried in [the] cemetery (space not known).