Power Cemetery
Eight and seven tenths miles north of Mission Valley and Nursery Crossroads in Miguel Ortiz Survey, Dewitt County on Frank Rabel Ranch. Start at northwest corner - oldest grave number three in row one.
Plot is sixty feet by thirty feet in size. Surrounded by a nice ornamental fence four feet in height. A concrete curb six inches wide is at base of the fence. One gate about forty-two inches wide on the west side of the fence. This plot is in turn within an acre plot which is fenced with a six foot chain link fence.
The large one acre plot is brushy and unkept. The gate is left open and cattle roam in the plot. The small cemetery was at one time well kept; but in September of 1969 was overgrown and in need of clearing and care.
From a check of the headstones the first burial was September 15, 1865 -- J. T. Hardy. The latest burial was June 3, 1958 -- Mattie Power Burrow.
Captain John Field was a Veteran of Mexican and Civil War. Austin H. Clegg was a Civil War Veteran. Enlisted Ft. Smith Arkansas 1862. Rose to rank of Captain.

North of gate
[Grave Site Number]
1. Vacant
2. Vacant
3. Hardy, J. T. (Greenville, Ala.) 1830, 9-15-1865 (age 35 yrs. 19 days)
4. Power, Richard (b. Ireland) 11-1-1809, 9-27-1874
5. Power, Jane Arundel (b. Ireland) 1820 or 1821, 11-24-1892 age 71 yrs.
6. Minnie (No dates)
7. Field, Mamie (Mary Ellen Power) (Wife of A. G. (Albert) Field) 10-30-1851, 10-19-1887

South of Gate
[Grave Site Number
8. R. H. Footstone only no names or dates
9. Clegg, Austin H. (Veteranof Civil War, enlisted Ft. Smith Ark., 1862 rose to captain.) (Van Buren, Ark.) 4-25-1844, 5-13-1895
10. Clegg, Dora Power 7-12-1844, 2-19-1901
11. Vacant
12. Burrow, Mattie Power 9-20-1878, 6-3-1958
13. Burrow, Thomas Kirby 12-18-1868, 12-13-1958

North of gate
[Grave Site Number]
1. Power, Richard Jr. (Mission Valley) 11-16-1854, 12-29-1892 (Thomaston)
2. Arundel, Henry (Ireland) 12-25-1811, 1-1-1878
3. Power, K. M. (Kathy May)
4. Power, E. P. Footstone no dates
5. Power, Mary E.
6. Power, J. R. (John Richard)
7. Clegg, E. M. (Probably Elizabeth Maria) Footstone - no name - no date
8. Power. E. R. P. (Probably Eddie R.) Footstone - no name - no dates

Shaft ca. Seven feet high.

West side [of] shaft
Elizabeth Maria Clegg 7-2-1877, 7-18-1878
Robert Hamilton 11-19-1881, 11-6-1882

North side [of shaft]
Top Mary Helen (only child of A. G. and M. E. Field. Age 2 yrs. 9 days.) 8-22-1880, 8-30-1882

East side [of shaft]
Kathy May 5-1-1874
John Richard 6-22-1875 6-22-1875
Mary E. 8-30-1877

South side [of shaft]
Eddie R. Power b. Mission Valley age 2 yrs. 1 day
7-18-1880 17-19-1882

South side of gate
9. Power, Blanche Finner 11-29-1855, 12-17-1896
10. Power, John H. [Henry] 8-22-1849, 12-24-1902
11. Power, Robert no dates
12. Hardy, Elizabeth (Ireland) 12-25-1811, 3-15-1907 (Thomaston)
13. Field, John Edward 10-1887, 4-13-1934

North of gate
[Grave Site Number]
1. Field, Captain John R. (b. Culpepper Co. Va.) 3-31-1799, 5-31-1873 (Mission Valley)
2. Power, Henry A. (Son of Edward and Pattie Irvin Power) 11-18-1885, 7-12-1890
3. Power, Edward Sterling (Son of Edward and Pattie Irvin Power) 5-10-1892, 1-6-1894
4. Field, Pattie Irvin (Wife of Edward Power (Married 1872) ) 1-6-1852, 1-10-1900
5. Power, Edward 8-4-1846, 7-7-1910

South of gate
All vacant

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