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Victoria Regional History Center

Victoria County Teacher's Daily Registers, 1888-1976

The Teacher's Daily Registers are the booklets used to record students' names, class attendances, and grades for a school year. The VRHC has the registers for Victoria County (rural) schools, 1888-1976. In most rural schools, it was not uncommon for all of the students in a district to meet in a single room where a single teacher taught various grade levels of academic subjects to boys and girls. Accordingly, those teachers' registers contained separate lists of students, divided according to grade level and often by gender as well. The VRHC holds over 3,300 volumes of Victoria County Teachers Daily Registers.

In order to provide access to these records, staff created a listing of each volume by the name and number of the school district, the teacher's name, and the school year and the shelf and box number where each volume is archived.Researchers can come to the VRHC to view the booklets or contact VRHC staff for look-ups in specific booklets.