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Barry A. Crouch Collection Inventory

East Texas: Maps28-AMaps from journal articles 
Texas: Mineral Resources Map22-BMap1979
Black Women: Mississippi36-BBound PhD diss.1860-1870
Taylors/Helm: Feud/ KKK (Ku Klux Klan)36-BDocuments/TSL/news accts. 
Hill County32-ACrouch Notes 
Baker: Thesis on28-AM. A. thesis, extract 
Nunn. Texas State Police26-BM.A. Thesis 
Sonnichsen: I’ll Die Before I’ll Run26-BBook 
Hardin Family Letters: 2 volumes26-BBook 
Worthington, Clarence26-BBook extract 
Quantrill, William C.26-BBook extract 
Thompson, Ben26-BBook xerox 
Texas Ranger26-BArticle/book extract 
Teagarden, William B.26-BBook extract 
Sutton-Taylor Feud26-BBook extract 
Sherman’s Feud: Atlanta Campaign26-BArticle 
Rural Proletariat26-BArticle 
Polliard County, Alabama26-BBook extract 
Photos: 2 unidentified26-B  
Hardin, John W.: Reward for26-B 1875
Hardin, John W.: Sutton-Taylor Feud26-B  
Hardin, John W.: Recapture26-B  
Hardin, John W.: Capture and trial26-B  
Hardin, John W.: Prison life26-B  
Crouch, B.: Misc.26-B  
Crouch, B.: General Correspondence26-B  
Slavery: Miscellaneus17-AVarious Sources 
Roman Empire: Various topics9-ABook extracts, articles 
Classical age: Slavery outside Rome/soc/eco9-ABook extracts, articles 
South: Guerillas/QuantrIll4-BArticle 
South: Guerilla War, lack of4-BBooklet 
Witt, Dow: Lee raider38-A5MD, RG 393 
Titus County: Desperadoes38-A5MD, RG 393/ BRFAL, RG 105 
Tarrant/Panola/Ft. Bend counties: Conditions38-A5MD, RG 393 
Red River County38-ABRFAL, RG 105 
Pilot Grove: Conditions/events38-A5MD, RG 393 
Peacock, Larry: Research/Lee-Peacock38-AVarious sources 
Outlaws: Northeast Texas38-ABRFAL, RG 105 + various 
Outlaws: Bibliography38-ABook extract 
Murder at the Corners: Lee-Peacock38-ABook 
Marion County38-A5MD, RG 393 
Lee, Bob and Raiders38-AVarious sources 
Lamar County38-A5MD, RG 393/BRFAL, RG105 
Ku Klux Klan: Texas38-AArticle 
Hunt County38-A5MD, RG 393 
Hopkins County38-A5MD, RG 393 
Hart, Hardin: Judge38-ABRFAL, RG 105 + various 
Harrison County38-A5MD, RG 393 
Guest/English/Duty/Turner: Desperadoes38-A5MD, RG 393 + various 
Dixon, Simpson “Simp”: Lee Raider38-AVarious sources 
Dallas County: Out-of-control38-A5MD, RG 393 
Collin County: Desperate conditions38-A5MD, RG 393; Murrah, GP 
Chaffee, Edna: Desperadoes Lee/Bickerstaff/others38-A5MD, RG 393 
Bickerstaff, Ben: Desperado38-AVarious sources 
Bateman, Bill and gang38-ABRFAL, RG 105 
Maryland’s Freedmen33-BBound MS 
Violence and Frontier traditions33-BArticle 
Virginia: Judge David Irvin33-BArticle 
Virginia: Blacks/Reconstruction33-BArticle 
Virginia: Blacks/historiography33-BArticle 
United States: Reconstruction33-BBooklet 
United States: Reconstruction/Committee of 1533-BArticle 
United States: Reconstruction33-BBook 
United States: Murders33-BMagazine 
United States: Lynchings33-BBook extract1889-1918
United States: Black workers33-BArticle 
United States: Army/general info33-BBook extract 
Throckmorton, James: Career33-BM.A. thesis1851-1867
Throckmorton, James: Bibliography33-BFrom Ken Howell 
Texas: Unionism33-BM.A. thesis extract1856-1865
Texas: Social history33-BArticle1870s
Texas: Sheridan’s quote33-BNote, article 
Texas: Shelby County War33-BArticle extract1841-1842
Texas: Secession/War/Reconstruction33-BBook chapter 
Texas: Reconstruction/Presidential33-BArticles 
Texas: Reconstruction/Misc.33-B  
Texas: Reconstruction Governors33-BBook extract 
Texas: Reconstruction/finance33-BArticle 
Texas: Reconstruction33-BDocuments, book extract 
Texas: Radical Reconstruction33-BM.A. thesis extract 
Texas: Political Platforms33-BBook extract 
Texas: Know-Nothings33-BArticle 
Texas: Gideon Lincecum, in33-BBook extract 
Texas: La Grange/business history33-BArticle 
Texas: Kiddoo, J. B.33-BArticle 
Texas: Democratic Party33-BBook 1865-1875
Texas: Reconstruction/radicals/critics33-BArticle 
Texas: Jaybird-Woodpecker War33-BArticle 
Texas: Histories33-BArticle1800s
Texas: Historical Writing33-BArticle1836-1936
Violence: Frontier tradition33-AArticle 
Virginia: Judge David Irvin33-AArticle 
Virginia: Blacks/Reconstruction33-AArticle 
Virginia: Blacks/historiography33-AArticle 
United States: Reconstruction33-ABooklet 
United States: Reconstruction, Committee of 1533-AArticle 
United States: Reconstruction33-ABook 
United States: Murders33-AMagazine 
United States: Lynching33-ABook extract1889-1918
United States: Black workers33-AArticle 
Texas: German Unionists33-ABook extracts 
Texas: Freedmen’s Bureau33-AArticle 
Texas: Feuds33-ABook extract 
Texas: Dallas County/Reconstruction33-AM.A. thesis 
Texas: Cotton Gin/Industry33-AArticle extract noted 
Texas: Cooke County/Great Hanging33-ABook extracts 
Texas: Confederate governors33-ABook chapter 
Texas: Civil War/Twiggs surrender33-AArticle 
Texas: Civil War/Reconstruction33-ABook chapter 
Texas: Civil War33-ABook chapter 
Texas: Brokenburn33-AArticle 
Texas: Black soldiers/frontier33-ABook chapter1866-1885
Texas: Blacks/Reconstruction/historiography33-AArticle 
Texas: Blacks/Reconstruction33-AM.A. thesis 
Texas: Blacks/Ft. Bend Co./Reconstruction33-AM.A. thesis 
Texas: Black education/politics33-AM.A. thesis 
Texas: Blacks/Bonham33-ABooklet1880-1930
Texas: Army/frontier33-ABook extract 
Texas: Reconstruction33-ABook chapters 
Texas: Political issues33-ALetters, CAH1869
Texas: Financial history33-ABook 
Texas: Reynolds, J. J.33-AArticle 
South Carolina: Black Codes33-AArticle 
South: Statistics/miscellaneous33-ABook extract 
South: Secession33-AArticle 
South: Reconstruction33-AReview article 
South: New Orleans/occupied33-AArticle 
South: Militant33-ABook extract 
South: Lynching/Georgia/Virginia33-ABook extract 
South: Lawlessness/culture33-AArticle 
South: Freedmen/legal status33-AArticle 
South: Cattle industry33-ABook extract 
South: Blacks/Reconstruction/historiography33-AArticles 
South: Blacks, urban33-AArticle 
South: Black musicians33-AArticle1800s
South: Black Labor33-AArticlepost-1865
South: Black education33-AArticles 
South: Bibliography (of travels)33-ABook extract 
South: Antebellum violence33-ABook extract 
South: Reconstruction/historiography33-AArticle 
South: Agriculture/sharecropping33-AArticle 
Pease, E. M.: Papers31-APease, GP, TSL1867-1869
Throckmorton, James: Papers31-AThrockmorton, GP, TSL1866-1867
Freedmen’s Bureau/Texas: Rosters31-ABRFAL, RG 105, NA1866-1868
Freedmen’s Bureau/Texas: Agent Rock31-APease, GP, TSL 
Davis, E. J.: Governor's Papers30-BGP, TSL1870-1873
West: Various articles27-BMagazine 
Texas and the Civil War27-BNews accounts 
Texas: Conditions27-BNews accounts1866
South: Economic developments27-BArticle 
South: Conditions in27-BNews accounts 
Pease, E. M., and Lucadia: letters27-BDocument extract1850-1857
Johnson, Andrew: Papers27-BDoc. Extract1861-1862
Johnson, Andrew and Blacks/papers27-BArticle + documents1865
Johnson, Andrew: Papers27-BDocument extract1865
Johnson, Andrew and Blacks and miscellaneous27-BArticle 
Hart, K.: Odds/ends27-BBook 
Hardin, John W.: Aspects of his life27-BVarious articles 
Hardin, John W.: In Dodge City, Kansas27-BArticle 
Hardin, John W.: Short bio27-BMS 
Hardin, John W.: Taylor-Sutton Feud troubles27-BVaried primary sources 
Hardin, John W. and Shanghai Pierce27-BBook extract 
Hardin, John W.: Taylors/Tumlinsons27-BBook extract 
Hardin, John W.: Florida arrest27-BArticle 
Hardin, John W.: Family letter27-BSource unknown 
Hardin, John W.: Lillie Hardin/death certificate27-BState document 
Hardin, John W.: Jane Bowen Hardin/disinterment27-BState document 
Hardin, John W.: Jack Helm bio27-BDavis, GP 
Hardin, John W.: Billings/Glover bio + pardon27-BVaried sources 
Hardin, John W. and F. M. Fly27-BNews account 
Hardin, John W. and the Duderstadts27-BNews accounts 
Hardin, John W.: Cattle brands27-BCounty documents 
Hardin, John W.: Family records/deeds27-BState documents 
Hardin, John W.: His gang/miscellaneous27-BVaried sources 
Hardin, John W.: Family letters,27-BTSL1870
Hardin, John W.: Weapons charges27-BDoc. 1895
Hardin, John W.: Reward for27-BDoc./TSL 
Hardin, John W.: Photo as young man27-BPost card 
Hardin, John W.: Graves/genealogy27-BMS, unsigned 
Hardin, John W.: Gonzales News/index27-B  
Hardin, John W. and Clements/Brown27-BDocs. 
Hardin, John W./death of; Inquest27-BDoc./El Paso 
Hardin, John W.: Florida arrest27-BDocs./TSL 
Hardin, John W.: Related topics27-BVaried sources 
Hardin, John W.: Murders27-BDocuments and varied sources 
Hardin, John W.: Marriage to Jane Bowen27-BDocuments 
Hardin, John W.: Genealogy27-BVaried sources 
Crouch, B.: Misc.27-BNotes 
Truman, Benjamin C.: Papers/short bio.27-ABook extracts 
Johnson, Andrew: Bibliography27-ABook 
Johnson, Andrew: Papers, vols. 7, 10-1127-ADoc. Extracts 
Hardin, John W.: Taylor-Sutton Feud27-AVaried sources 
Hardin, John W.: pardon27-ADoc./TSL1894
Hardin, John W.: Family/business letters27-ACopies from SWTS1894-1895
Hardin, John W.: Prison letters27-ACopies from SWTS1881-1893
Hardin, John W.: Prison letters27-ACopies from SWTS1877-1880
Hardin, John W. and John Selman27-AVaried sources 
Hardin, John W. and related topics27-AVaried sources 
Hardin, John W.: Fannin County27-AArticles/book extract 
Hardin, John W.: Varied sub-topics/miscellaneous27-AVaried accounts 
Hardin, John W.: Pardoned27-ACrouch notes 
Hardin, John W. and women27-AArticles 
Hardin, John W. and Chisholm Trail27-AArticles 
Hardin, John W.: Texas Ranger history map27-ATexas document 
Committee of Fifteen: Report on Texas/U.S. Congress27-ADocument 
Women in Texas22-BArticles 
Women in the South22-BArticles/book chapters 
Wild West: Magazine/noting on Texas22-B  
Wheelock: Freedmen's Bureau/education22-BBio MS 
Texas: Violence in22-BCrouch notes 
Texas: Laws22-BBook extract 
Texas, Germans in22-BArticlepost-1865
State Police: Texas22-BCrouch, partial MS 
State Police: Redmon in Lampassas22-BArticle 
Slave law/marriage: South22-BArticle 
Ruby, G.T.: Politics, freedmen, Texas22-BCrouch MS 
Reconstruction: Politics of, in Texas22-BPh.D. diss. 
Crouch, B.: Misc./correspondence22-B  
Conservation in Texas22-BPh.D. diss./extract1860-1963
Columbus: Freedman’s murder22-BNews account 
Black Codes: Texas22-BNews account 
Black Codes and Americanization22-BArticle 
Baker, Cullen: Disposal of body22-B5MD, RG 393 
May, J. Thomas: Louisiana Freedmen/Medical care18-BPh.D. dissertation 
Ganus, C. L., Jr.: Freedmen’s Bureau/Mississippi18-BPh.D. dissertation 
Alderson, William, Jr.: Freedmen’s Bureau/Virginia18-BM.A. thesis 
Woodward, C. Vann: Interview/radical history18-AArticle 
West Indies: Emancipation18-ABook extract 
Virginia: Freedmen’s Bureau/military rule18-AM.A. thesis 
United States: Freedmen’s education18-ABook extract1862-1875
United States: Medical differences/black/white18-AArticle1830-1870
South Carolina: AMA teachers/Sea Islands18-AM.A. thesis 
South Carolina: Freedmen’s Bureau18-ABook 
South: Freedmen/masters18-ABook extract 
South: Slavery/moral lissues/refugees18-ABook extract 
South: Philanthropy/Civil War era18-ABook extract 
South: Plantation leasing18-ADocs. 
South: Legal history18-ABook extract 
South: Freedmen/land18-AArticle 
South: The Freedmen’s Bureau18-ABook 
South/North: Freedmen/their capacity18-AArticle 
South: Freedmen’s aid societies18-AArticle 
South: Reconstruction, benefits of/DuBois18-AArticle 
South: Cotton States18-ABook extract 
South: Congressional Globe18-ADoc., extract1863-1864
South: Class/state/planters18-AArticle 
South: Black freedom18-AArticle 
South: Civil War/blacks/historiography18-AArticle 
South: Book reviews/miscellaneous18-ABook reviews 
South: AMA teachers18-ABook extracts 
Owen, Robert D.: Radical/bio18-ABook extract 
Oklahoma/Indian Territory: Blacks/Indians18-AArticle 
North Carolina: Freedmen’s Bureau18-AArticle 
North: Civil War/medical history18-ABook extract 
Mississippi: AMA teachers18-AArticle 
Massachusetts: Civil War/home front18-APh.D. diss., extract 
Louisiana: Freedmen’s Bureau18-AM.A. thesis 
Louisiana: black heritage18-ABook extract 
Kentucky/South Carolina/Virginia: Freedmen’s Bureau/justice18-AM.A. thesis 
Kentucky: Freedmen’s Bureau18-AArticle 
Kentucky: Lexington/blacks18-AArticle1865-1880
Howe, Samuel: reformer/bio18-ABook extract 
Houston, Texas: Black neighborhood18-AArticle 
Florida: Freedmen’s Bureau18-AArticle 
Delaware: blacks18-AArticle 
Civil War/Slavery: law18-ABook extract 
Crouch, B.: Freedmen’s Bureau/South18-AMSS 
Crouch, B.: Black families/local sources18-ANational Archives 
Arkansas: Freedmen/health care18-AArticle 
Arkansas: Black education/Quakers18-AArticle 
Alabama: Freedmen/Reconstruction18-AArticle 
Webb County: Education37-BDocument, TSL 
Violence: Black victims37-BMS 
United States: Thirteenth Amendment37-BArticle 
United States: Mexican border37-BPh.D. diss., extract1866-1886
United States: Civil Rights Act37-BDocument1866
Reconstruction: Violence, black women & children37-BStatistics 
Reconstruction: State Police Roster37-BAGO, TSL 
Reconstruction: State Police/creation37-BDoc., TSL 
Reconstruction: State Police37-BArticle, thesis extract, correspondence 
Reconstruction: South Carolina/labor37-BBook 
Reconstruction: South/violence/response37-BArticles 
Reconstruction: South/black leaders37-BArticle 
Reconstruction: Population37-BCrouch notes1860
Reconstruction: Federal courts37-BBook extract 
Reconstruction: School law37-BTSL 
Reconstruction: San Augustine county/officials37-BTSL 
Reconstruction: Rock/Bureau Agent/lynched37-B5MD, RG 393 
Reconstruction: Registration to vote37-BDocument 
Reconstruction: Sharecropping/Smallwood37-BArticle 
Reconstruction: Radicals/critics37-BArticles 
Reconstruction: Col. G. Custer/attitudes37-BArticle 
Reconstruction: Black freedom/Smallwood37-BArticle 
Reconstruction: Black education/Smallwood37-BArticles 
Reconstruction: Black church/Smallwood37-BArticle 
Reconstruction: Army/blacks/Richter37-BArticle 
Reconstruction: Army/Griffin/Richter37-BArticles 
Population/violence: Texas37-BDocuments 
Murders/outrages: Texas37-BStatistics, MS, Rebecca Kosary 
Civil Rights Movement: Historiography/(article by Smallwood)37-BArticle 
Violence/Texas: Convention committee37-ADocument1868
Victoria, Texas: Ex-Rebel officials37-APease, GP, TSL 
Thompson’s murder/Texas: Taylor gang37-A5MD, RG 393 
Texas Population: Census37-ABook extract1850,1860,1870
State Police: Murder case37-AArticle 
Soldier’s wife: Brenham37-AMemoirs extract 
Secession/Texas: Voter fraud37-AArticle 
Robertson County: Freedmen’s Bureau37-AArticle 
Red River County: Apprenticeships/abuses37-A5MD, RG 393 
Reconstruction and Rebel officials37-ADocument 
Reconstruction/national: Memoirs37-AExtract 
Maryland: Reconstruction violence37-AArticle 
Madison County: Reconstruction officials37-ADocument, TSL 
Limestone/Freestone/Navarro and Other Counties: history37-ABook extract 
Legislature: Members37-ADocument1846-1982
Judges/Texas: Davis appointees37-AArticle 
Hays, Jack: Bio37-ABook extract 
Harrison County: Black repression37-AArticle 
Government: personnel; miscellaneous37-APease Papers, CAH1870
Gonzales County: Frisbie killing37-APease, GP, TSL 
Gainesville: Great Hanging, article bySmallwood37-AArticle 
Funding Controversy: Davis37-ADavis, GP, TSL 
Freestone/Limestone/Madison County: Statistics37-AAlmanac1867
Freedmen’s Bureau/Texas: Sinclair/document37-AArticle, document 
Freedmen’s Bureau/South: General37-ABook extract 
Freedom Amendments: 13th and 14th37-ARG 393 
Fannin County: Ku Klux Klan (KKK) /Judge Hart/violence37-ATSL 
Education: Issue of black indigents37-A5MD, RG 393 
Davis, E. J.: Death of37-AArticles 
Crouch, Barry: manuscript on state Police/background37-AMS 
Crouch, Barry: manuscript and notes on Reconstruction, Texas37-AMS +notes 
Crouch, Barry: article on Linn Flat Affair37-AArticle 
Crouch, Barry: manuscript and notes on Freedmen’s Bureau37-AMS +notes 
Crouch, Barry: manuscript on Civil Rights/Black Codes37-AMS 
Crouch, Barry: correspondence/misc./book reviews37-A  
Crouch, Barry: manuscript on Civil Rights/ black Codes37-AMSS + notes 
Crouch, Barry: manuscript on Bibliography/Civil War/Reconstruction37-AMS 
County officials/Texas: Officials37-AArticle1865-1876
Counties37-AAlmanac extract1871
Corpus Christi, Texas: Office holders37-APease, GP, TSL 
Cooke County: Reconstruction/Smallwood37-ABooklet, extract 
Columbus, Texas: Conditions/murder37-ABRFAL, RG 105 
Civil War/Reconstruction: Texas, general37-ABook chapter 
Calhoun County: Cattle butchering law + other issues37-ADoc., TSL 
Black Texans: Sources at Center of American History, University of Texas Library37-ABooklet 
Black press: Texas/Smallwood37-AArticle1860s-1970s
Black Freedwomen: Smallwood + Smallwood/Crouch37-AArticles 
Black Family in Texas37-AArticle 
Bell, C. S./detective: Taylor gang37-A5MD, RG 393 
Bastrop County: White crime/black victims37-APease, GP, TSL 
Army occupation in Texas37-AArticle 
Austin County: Insolvents in37-ATSL 
Anderson County/Texas: Bureau and (Ku Klux Klan) KKK37-A5MD, RG 393 
Walker County: Nat Outlaw36-BDocuments/TSL 
Walker County: Martial law36-BNotes on 
Texas: Election36-BDocuments1871
Tax payers: Convention/protests36-BDocument/TSL 
State Police/Special Police: Details36-BVarious sources 
State Police: Trammell36-BDocument/TSL 
State Police: Williams murder/Lampassas36-BVarious sources 
State Police: Rosters36-BDocuments/TSL 
State Police: Law enforcement36-BNews accounts 
State Militia36-BDocuments + article 
Special Police: Appointments36-BNotes on 
Smith County: Deaths of Godly and House36-BBook extract/no value 
Reconstruction Acts: Detail36-BDocument 
Limestone/Freestone Counties: Martial law/testimony36-ATSL 
Limestone/Freestone Counties: Martial law36-ANotes 
Limestone County: Troubles36-AAGO/TSL 
Limestone County: Early history of36-ANews accounts 
Limestone County: Troubles/martial law36-AVarious sources 
Ku Klux Klan (KKK): Crouch notes36-ACrouch notes 
Huntsville: Financial problems36-ARG 393, NA 
Hill/Walker counties36-AOrsay doc,/news accounts 
Hamilton, A. J.36-AHamilton, GP1865
Desperadoes: Accounts by blacks36-AEx-slave narratives 
Davis, E. J.: Various counties36-ADavis, GP 
Davis, E. J.: Fort Bend County36-ADavis, GP 
Davidson, James: Later life of36-ANews accounts 
Colorado County: Reconstruction36-ANotes/news accounts 
Coke, Richard36-ACoke, GP 
Brownsville: Quarantine36-ADocument 
Bastrop County: Ku Klux Klan (KKK)/violence36-ANewspaper articles 
Adjutant General/State Police36-AAG Reports/papers 
Adjutant General's Office/State Police: Various subjects36-AAGO Papers, RG 401, TSL 
Virginia: Blacks in35-BBook extract1850-1870
Texas Senate Journal, appendix35-BDocument 
Texas Senate Journal35-BExtract1870
Taylors: Sutton-Taylor Feud35-B5MD, RG 393 
Politics/Republican35-BVarious sources 
Pease Family: Papers35-BAustin History Center 
Nacogdoches: Freedmen’s Bureau35-BBRFAL, RG 105 
Millican, Brazos County: History35-BSourcebook, MS 
Freedmen’s Bureau: Virginia35-BDiary 
Freedmen’s Bureau: Texas35-BArticles 
Freedmen/land: South35-BArticles 
Freedmen’s Bureau and Black labor35-AArticles 
Freedmen: Legal rights35-AArticles 
Freedmen’s Banks in South35-AArticle, extract 
Fort Bend County/Rock: and Reconstruction35-AVarious sources 
Crouch, Barry: MSS on White-on-white violence35-AMSS 
Crouch, Barry: MSS on Freedmen’s Bureau and freedom35-AMSS 
Crouch, Barry: MSS on Black women/children35-AMSS 
Colorado County: History of35-AArticles 
Blacks: Health/welfare/Bureau35-AArticles, book extract 
Black family: South/legal rights35-ACrouch notes 
Black education: Texas35-AVarious sources 
Black education: South/aid societies/Bureau35-AArticles 
Black education: South/aid societies35-AArticles 
Virginia: Black politics/Reconstruction34-BArticle 
Reconstruction and the Constitution34-BArticle 
Reconstruction/Texas: Colorado County34-BArticle 
Reconstruction/Texas: Richter’s work34-BMS 
Reconstruction/Texas: History34-BBook extracts 
North Carolina: Sexual violence/Reconstruction34-BArticle 
Hamilton, A. J.: Brief bio of wife (Mary)34-BBook extract 
Galveston: Secession, eve of34-BBook extract 
Fountain, Albert J.: Carpetbagger34-BBook 
Fort Worth34-BDoc./article1870-1900
Family violence (in U.S.)34-BArticle 
Edna Manhunt: Courts/crime34-BMS1905
Crouch, Barry: manuscript on Lawlessness and black victims34-BMS 
Crouch, Barry: manuscript on Freedmen’s Bureau/genesis of34-BMS 
Crouch, Barry: manuscript on Freedmen’s Bureau/courts34-BMS 
Crouch, Barry: manuscript on Freedmen’s Bureau/black response34-BMS 
Crouch, Barry: manuscript on Black women/Houston34-BMS 
Crouch, Barry: manuscript on Black families/Reconstruction34-BMS 
Book ads34-B  
Americas: Slave societies34-BArticle 
Alabama: Reconstruction/historiography34-BArticle 
Alabama: Ku Klux Klan (KKK)/property crime34-BArticle 
West: Violence/historiography34-ABook chapter 
West: Urban planning34-ABook extract 
Victoria College: History symposium proceedings34-AProceedings, copy of1988
U.S.: Congressional opinion on Pacific railway34-AArticle1856-1862
U.S.: agitation for Pacific railroad34-AArticle1845-1850
Trans-Mississippi: Railroads34-AArticle1850s
Texas: Internal improvements34-AArticle1856
Steamboats on the Rio Grande34-AM. S. thesis, noted 
Steamboats on the Brazos River34-ABook extract 
Southern migration: Texas, impact on34-AM. A. Thesis, noted 
South (Reconstruction): Bureau expenses/population34-ABook extract 
South Carolina: Paupers/women/children34-AArticle 
Slavery: Violence/Civil War34-AArticle 
Slave movement: Life changes34-AArticle 
Slave marriages: Politics of34-AArticle 
Slaveholding: Sexual control34-AArticle 
Robertson County: Blacks/Freedmen’s Bureau34-AArticle 
Railways in U.S.34-ANoted 
Railways and Market economy34-APh D., diss., extract 
Rape (in U.S.): Racism/law34-AArticle 
Railroads and regulation/public aid34-AArticles, book extract 
Railroads in Southwest34-ABook extract, article 
Railroads: Texas/Southern Pacific34-AM. A. thesis 
Railroads: Texas Central/+others34-AArticles/M. A. thesis extract 
Railroads: Governor’s race34-AArticle1853
Railroads: South/public aid34-AArticle 
Railroads: Post-Civil War34-AArticle 
Railroads during Reconstruction34-AM. A. thesis 
Railroads: Louisiana/Civil War34-ABook 
Railroads: Santa Fe / others34-AArticle/book extract 
Railroads: Government aid34-AArticle 
Railroads: KATY / +others34-ABook extracts 
Railroads: Dallas, Texas34-AM. A. thesis 
Railroads: Texas (early)34-AArticles 
Railroads (state interest)34-APh.D. diss.1836-1900
Railroads (general)34-AArticle1836-1841
Railroads: Texas (early)34-ABook 
Railroad Commission: Origins/courts/oil34-AArticles 
Port Arthur: Railroads34-AArticle 
Maryland: Black families/in freedom34-AArticle 
Louisiana: Black orphans34-AArticle 
Limestone County: Murder of freedman34-ADoc./BRFAL, RG 105, NA 
Limestone County: History of34-ABook extract 
Lamar County: Black school defiled34-ADoc./BRFAL, RG 105, NA 
Houston: Railroads34-AArticle/book extract 
Gulf South: Rail-water transportation34-AArticle1836-1890
Emancipation: White reactions34-AArticle 
Cotton Trade in Texas34-AArticle1865-1885
Confederacy: Railroads34-ABook extract/articles/advertisement 
Bickerstaff and Baker: Gang leaders34-ABook extract 
Zanyenburg Murder31-BDavis, GP, TSL1870
Walker County: Union League31-BDavis, GP, TSL1870
Walker County/posse duty: Avoidance of31-BTx. AGO1871
Walker County: Name change/Walker became a Unionist, 187131-BGammel laws1871
Walker County: Martial law31-BVaried Sources 
Walker County: Legal directory31-BDavis, GP, TSL 
Walker County: Job seekers31-BDavis, GP, TSL 
Victoria County: Freedman tortured31-BTx. Sec. of State 
Texas census: Tax assessments31-BDocument1870
“Texas” : Book extract31-BBook extract 
Terrorist groups: “White Terror”31-BBook extract 
San Jacinto, County: Politics, patronage31-BDavis, GP, TSL1870
Reconstruction Convention of Texas31-B 1868
Polk County: Republican Party, suppressed31-BDavis, GP, TSL 
Navarro County: Politics, patronage31-BDavis, GP, TSL1870
Navarro County: District clerk, removed31-BDavis, GP, TSL1870
Montague County, disorder in, murders31-B 1872
Limestone/Freestone Counties: Martial Law31-BVaried sources 
Limestone/Freestone Counties: Election returns31-BDavis, GP, TSL1870
Limestone County: Martial law31-BVaried sources 
Limestone County: Election of 187031-BDavis, GP, TSL1870
Limestone County: Early history of31-BBook extract 
Lampasas: The Horrells31-BVaried sources1870s
Lampasas: Central Texas31-BBook extract 
Ku Klux Klan (KKK): Positive view of31-BArticle extract 
Huntsville: Sheriff, removal of31-BDavis, GP, TSL1870
Huntsville: Gambling31-BTx. AGO1871
Hillsboro: Unionists31-BDavis, GP, TSL 
Hill County/Walker County: Conditions31-BNews account 
Hill County/Limestone County: Conditions31-BDavis, GP, TSL1870
Hill County: Kinch West/gang leader31-BTx. AGO, Crouch notes 
Hill County: Tax assessments31-BTx. Document1870
Hill County: Sheriff31-BTx. Sec. of State, doc. 
Hill County: Riot31-BDavis, GP, TSL 
Hill County: Politics31-BDavis, GP, TSL 
Hill County: Outlaws31-BNewspaper 
Hill County: Murders, rewards31-BVaried sources 
Hill County: Hart, pension/census31-BVaried sources 
Hill County: Martial law31-BDavis, GP, TSL/varied sources1870
Hill County: Gathings return of taxes31-BVaried sources 
Hill County, history, brief31-B  
Hill County: Elections31-B  
Hill County: Early history31-BBook extracts 
Hill County: Crouch notes31-BCrouch, notes1871
Hill County: Conditions31-BDavis, GP, TSL 
Hill County: Census31-BDoc.1870
Hill County: Arms control after riot31-BBook extract1870
Guns: Evaluated31-BBook extract 
Fort Bend County/murder: Clark Johnson sought31-BTexas AGO1873
Fairfield: Suppression of Republicans31-BDavis, GP, TSL 
Davis, E. J.: Address to legislature31-BSenate Journal1870
Crouch, Barry: Miscellaneous31-B  
Civil War: Deserters and murders31-BVarious sources 
Black police in America31-BBook extract 
United States: Lynching32-BBook extracts 
Slaves: Education/Civil War32-BArticle 
Sheridan, Phil: Memoirs/career32-BBook extract 
Reconstruction: U.S. Grant32-BArticle 
Pease, E. M.: Governor/biographies32-BM.A. thesis+ extract; Various documents 
Paterson, R.: Union officer in Texas32-BArticle 
Mississippi: Natchez Trace/robberies32-BArticle 
Mississippi: Freedmen’s Bureau/black codes32-BArticle 
Louisiana: Freedmen/Free labor32-BBook chapter 
Kentucky: Racial violence32-BBook extracts1865-1940
Johnson, Andrew: Papers/Texas32-BBook extract1865; 1867
Houston, Texas: Murder32-BBook extract 
Hamilton, A. J.: Provisional governor32-BArticle 
Hamilton, A. J.: Public career of32-BM.A. thesis 
Hamilton, A. J.: Constitution, nature of32-BDocument 
Hamilton, A. J.: Brief biographies32-BM.A. thesis/book extract/article 
Hamilton, A. J.: Bell County/voters32-BDocument 
Gulf Coast: Military government32-BArticle 
Grant, U.S.: Union32-BArticle 
Georgia: Freedmen’s Bureau32-BArticle 
Gender: Free blacks32-BArticle 
Gender: Civil War32-BArticle 
Economics: Global32-BArticle1865-1939
Crouch, Barry: Misc.32-B  
Confederates: Trading with Union32-BArticle 
Civil War/Reconstruction: Brokenburn32-BBook 
Civil War: Slaves, arming of32-BArticle 
Chase, Salmon P. and Union32-BDiary, extract/book extract 
Canby, E. R. S.: Union32-BVarious sources 
Brazil: Confederate colony32-BBook extract 
Blacks: Sharecropping32-BBook extract/articles 
Blacks: Family32-BBooklet 
Blacks: Emancipation celebrations32-BBook extract 
Blacks and the Constitution32-BBook chapter 
Blacks and Cattle Kingdom32-BArticle 
Banks, Gen. N. P.: Union32-BBook extract 
Alabama: Convict-Lease system32-BBook extract 
State Police: Walker County/Madison County32-A  
State Police: Walker County/disorder/murders32-ACrouch MSS 
State Police: Walker County/courtroom shootout32-A  
State Police: Trammel, Merritt32-A  
State Police: Hoffman/Davis removal32-A  
State Police: Texas Officials32-ARG 307/TSL1866-1870
State Police: Terrorism/Knights of the White Camellia32-A  
State Police: Sulphur Springs/incident32-A  
State Police: Removals32-A  
State Police: Texas Map (xeroxed)32-A  
State Police: Recruitment of32-ANews Article 
State Police: Pridgen32-A 1870
State Police: Organization/function32-A  
State Police: Ordnance32-A 1873
State Police: Opinion of32-A 1870, 1871
State Police: Nacogdoches/Smith County32-A 1872
State Police: Nacogdoches/Grayson/Hazlett/murders32-A  
State Police: Montague County/murders32-A 1872
State Police: And San Antonio32-A 1871
State Police: Members of32-A  
State Police: Madison County/disorder32-A 1872
State Police: Limestone & Freestone counties/Ku Klux Klan (KKK)32-ANewspapers 
State Police: Limestone County/arrests32-A  
State Police: Lampassas/expenses32-A  
State Police: Hunnicutt/removal32-A  
State Police: Hill and Walker counties32-A  
State Police: Hill County/Rebellion32-AM. A. Thesis, extract 
State Police: Hill County/Kinch West32-A  
State Police: Hill County/troubles32-A  
State Police: Hill County/Martial Law aftermath32-A  
State Police: Hill County/Martial Law/Gathings family32-A  
State Police: Hill County/Hillsboro32-A  
State Police: Hill County/Gathings, James J.32-A  
State Police: Hill County/Davis, E. J.32-A  
State Police: Hill County/Davis, E. J.32-A  
State Police: Hempstead/Waco32-A 1870
State Police: Helm, Jack32-A 1870
State Police: Hardin, J.W./scout for32-A  
State Police: Groesbeck32-A 1871
State Police: Funds denied32-A  
State Police: Founding of32-A  
State Police: Farrow’s resignation32-A 1871
State Police: Hempstead/Pearce gang32-A 1870
State Police: El Paso disorder32-A  
State Police: Davis/Lavaca disorder32-A  
State Police: Notes32-ACrouch MS 
State Police: Background of32-ACrouch MS 
State Police: Critics of32-A  
State Police: Chronology/Hays County/Nacogdoches County32-A  
State Police: Columbus disorder32-A  
State Police: Burleson County disorder32-A 1870
State Police: Bickerstaff/Baker/Lee, rewards for32-A  
State Police: Belton disorder32-A  
State Police: Baker general order No. 2432-A  
State Police: Arrests32-A 1870
“Secession of the South”30-ADeBow’s Review articleApril 1860
"Texas Board of Physical Therapist Examiners"30-A  
Crouch, Barry: Xerox order forms30-A  
Davidson, J.: Adjutant General's Papers30-AAG Papers, TSL1871-1872
Britton, F.: Adjutant General's Papers30-AAG Papers, TSL1873
Davis, E. J.: Governor's Papers30-AGP, TSL1870-1871
Davis, E. J.: Governor's Papers29-BGP, TSL1870 (Jan. to May)
Pease, E. M.: Governor's Papers29-BGP, TSL1867-1869
Hamilton, A. J.: Governor's Papers29-BGP, TSL1865-1866
Murrah, P.: Governor's Papers29-BGP, TSL1863-1865
West Indies: Emancipation of29-AArticle 
Unionist: Persecution of29-A 1869
Throckmorton, James: Crouch notes29-A  
Texas: Theatre/beginnings29-A  
Texas State Police/roster29-AMSS 
Texas: Militia29-AArticle1868-1898
Texas: Freedmen’s Bureau/education29-AM.A. thesis 
Texas: Dallas Freedmen’s Bureau29-AArticle 
Texas: Blacks/Limstone County29-ABook extract 
Telluride: History of29-ABooklet 
South: Union officer/memoirs29-A  
South: Radical Reconstruction29-AArticle 
South: Black/welfare/prosperity29-AArticles 
South: Black freedom29-ABook extract 
South: Black farm owners/land issues29-AArticles 
South: Black education29-ABook extract1860-1935
Sangers/Texas: Merchants/pioneers29-ABook extract 
Reconstruction: Policy debate29-ABook1863
Port Royal, South Carolina: Experiment29-ABook extract 
Pease, E. M.: Crouch notes29-A  
Mississippi: Freedmen, in29-ADocument 
Maryland: Blacks and Fed. Policy29-AArticle1864-1868
Madison County: Violence29-ARG393/Newspapers 
Houston, Texas: Ku Klux Klan (KKK)29-ABook extract 
Freestone County: History29-ABook extract 
Freedmen’s Bureau: West Virginia29-AArticle 
Freedmen’s Bureau: Non-discrimination29-AArticle 
Freedmen’s Bureau: Louisiana/local agent29-AArticle 
Freedmen’s Bureau: Johnson, Andrew29-AArticle 
Freedmen’s Bureau: as Taught in high schools29-AArticle 
Freedmen’s Bureau: Alabama/Wager Swayne29-AArticle 
Freedmen: Relief29-AArticle 
Freedmen: Mississippi29-AArticle extract1862-1865
Freedmen: Georgia/Greene County29-ABook extract1865-1874
Florida: Reconstruction/reinterpretation29-ABook 
Emancipation: Comparative29-AArticle 
Delaware: Peonage in/post-war29-AArticle 
Davis, E. J.: as Governor29-AM.A. thesis 
Crouch, Barry: State Police/chapter 329-AMS 
Crouch, Barry: Correspondence/book reviews29-A  
Crouch, Barry: MSS on Black survival/Reconstruction29-AMSS 
Civil War/Freedmen’s Bureau: Philanthropy29-ABook extract 
Blacks: Texas Reconstruction29-AM.A. thesis extract 
Black police: Urban South29-AArticles 
Black Emancipation: Virginia/Hampton29-ABook 
Black Education: Teachers/AMA29-AArticle 
Black Codes: General29-AArticle1865-1870s
Arkansas: Reconstruction29-AMS; article 
Alabama: Civil War/Reconstruction29-ABook extract 
Texas Constitution of 186628-BPh.D. diss.: bound manuscript 
Civil War and frontier families28-BM.A. thesis: bound manuscript 
Zapata County: Cattle rustling28-BTSL 
Wise/Tarrant/Jack counties: Indian Attacks28-BTSL 
Texas: Violence28-BArticle1875-1900
Texas: Two thousand miles28-BBook extract 
Texas: Travel accounts28-BBook extracts 
Texas: Settlement of, quantitative28-BArticle 
Texas: Profile28-BArticle1850-1860
Texas: Laws of28-BBook extract 
Texas: Frontier army28-BBook extract 
Texas: Emigration into28-BArticle 
Texas: Early history28-BBook extract 
Texas In Civil War28-BBook extract 
Texas: Alamanac28-B  
Texarkana: History28-BBook extracts 
Terrorism: Knights of the Rising Sun28-BBook extract 
Taylor, T. U.: Short bio28-B  
Southwest: Map28-BBook extract 
South: Violence in28-BArticles 
Shorkley, George: Army service records28-B5MD, RG 393 
Sherman, Texas: Appointments to office28-B5MD, RG 393 
Second Civil War in Reconstruction28-BArticle 
Ruby, G. T. and Freedmen’s Bureau28-BPease, GP, TSL 
Rosser, Edward: Murder case28-BBRFAL, RG 105 
Renfoe, Stephen: Alabama sheriff28-BBook extract 
Reconstruction in Arkansas28-BArticle1868-1871
Ranching in Texas28-BBook extract 
Photos, Copies of28-BVarious 
Outlawry History28-BM. A. thesis, extract 
Outlaws in West28-BBook extract 
Outlaws on U.S. frontier28-BBook extract 
Outlaws: Story of28-BBook extract 
Orr, Thomas: Killer of Baker28-BVarious sources 
Northeast Texas: Conditions in28-BVarious primary1868
Missouri: Industrialization28-BBook extract 
Medina County: Murder case28-BAdj. Gen., RG 401, TSL1871
Tolman, Thomas: Court Martial of28-A5MD, RG 393 
Limestone County: “Dixie”/Simp Dixon28-A5MD, RG 393 
Ku Klux Klan (KKK); South28-ABook extract 
Knights of the Golden Circle, Texas28-AArticle 
Kirkman, Joel28-A5MD, RG 393 
Kirkman, William: Aspects of career and death28-AVarious/5MD, RG 393 
Kerr and Kimball counties: Cattle theft28-AAGO, RG 401 
Huntsville: Violence to free prisoners28-ABibliography1870-1907
Huntsville: Violence to free prisoners28-AAGO, RG 401 
Hart, Hardin: Needs protection28-A5MD, RG 393 
Hancock, Winfield S.: Reconstruction general28-ABook extract 
Hamilton, A. J.: Various topics28-AHamilton, GP, TSL 
Gunfighters28-AO’Neal encyclopedia 
Guns/gun lore28-ABook, book extract 
Ferguson, Champ: Tennessee guerrilla + outlaws28-ABook extracts 
East Texas: Migration into28-ABook extract 
East Texas: Conditions in28-A5MD, RG 393 
Desperadoes: Rewards to catch them28-A5MD, RG 393 
Davidson, Adjutant General: Taxes, questions28-AAGO, RG 401 
Crouch, Barry: Xerox requests28-A  
Cathey trial: Bickerstaff ally28-A5MD, RG 393 
Cass County: People of28-ABook extracts 
Cass County: Maps28-A  
Bryan-Hays County: Correspondence28-AArticle 
Bowie County: Kirkman28-APease, GP 
Bowie County: Appointments + conditions in28-A5MD, RG 393 
Blacks in Northeast Texas28-AM.A. Thesis, extract1850-1875
Black Labor Code: Sample contract28-A  
Bickerstaff/Cathy: Crimes28-A5MD, RG 393 
Bickerstaff, Ben: Crimes28-A5MD, RG 393 
Baker, Cullen Montgomery / Orr28-A5MD, RG 393 
Baker, Cullen Montgomery: U. T. Taylor research28-AVarious sources 
Baker, Cullen Montgomery: Reports on28-A5MD, RG 3931867
Baker gang: Robbing commissary trains28-A5MD, RG 393 
Baker, Cullen Montgomery: Reward for28-APease, GP, TSL 
Baker, Cullen Montgomery: Military record28-ANA 
Baker, Cullen Montgomery: Ex-slave’s memory of28-AInterview 
Baker, Cullen Montgomery: Gang of28-ANewspapers 
Baker, Cullen Montgomery: Family of28-AVarious sources 
Baker, Cullen Montgomery: Notes on28-ACrouch 
Baker, Cullen Montgomery: Life of28-AArticles 
Baker, Cullen Montgomery and Thomas Orr28-ABook 
Baker, Cullen Montgomery: Death of28-A5MD, RG 393 
Baker, Cullen Montgomery: Treatment of freedmen28-A5MD, RG 393 
Baker, Cullen Montgomery and Pomp Duty28-A5MD, RG 393 
Baker, Cullen Montgomery: Federal attacks28-A5MD, RG 393 
Baker, Cullen Montgomery Character of28-A5MD, RG 393 
Baker, Cullen Montgomery: Crimes of, rewards for28-A5MD, RG 393 
Baker, Cullen Montgomery: /Bowie County: History28-AM.A. thesis, extract 
Baker, Cullen Montgomery: /biographies: Short bios28-ANewspaper 
Baker/Bickerstaff: Griffin’s death28-A5MD, RG 393 
Arkansas: Clayton’s militia28-AArticle 
Arkansas: Clayton and Catterson28-AArticle 
Arkansas: Aftermath of Civil War28-ABook extract 
Penitentiary conditions (relate to Hardin)26-ADocs./TSL1878-1879
Mining Frontier and Mortality26-AArticle 
Military/Civilian cooperation26-AArticle 
Kemp, David: Lawman26-AArticle 
Homicides in West26-AArticle1880-1920
Hardin, John W. and Bill Longley26-AArticle 
Hardin, John W. and Comanche County26-ADocs. 
Hardin, John W. and Pardon26-ABook 
Hardin, John W. and gang/Tennille26-ABook extract, article 
Hardin, John W.: Biographies26-ABook chapters 
Hardin, John Wesley Mentioned, general info26-AVarious sources 
Gunfighters: General info26-AArticle 
Fly, William S.: and Hardin’s pardon26-ABook extracts 
Free Labor: During Civil War26-AArticle 
El Paso26-ABook extracts, article1880s to 1913
Cotton Plantations: New South26-AArticle 
Clements, Manning: mentioned26-AArticle 
Blacks: Exodus from Comanche County26-AArticle 
Blacks and Ex-masters26-AArticle 
Blacks: Occupations, post-bellum26-AArticle 
Blacks: Agriculture and Farm ownership26-AArticles 
Black Office holders in Reconstruction/Southwest26-AM.A. thesis 
Armstrong, John: Hardin’s capture26-ABook extract 
Reconstruction: Various primary sources relates to Texas & wider South25-BLetters & docs. 
Penitentiaries in U.S.25-BMS 
Crouch, Barry: Reconstruction primary sources25-BPrimary sources 
Crouch, Barry: “White Racial Attitudes (comparative, 1848-1918)”25-BMS 
Crouch, Barry: “White Violence, Texas Blacks, 1865-1868"25-BMS 
Crouch, Barry: “Crisis in Color: Segregation during Reconstruction”25-BMS 
Crouch, Barry: “Black Dreams, White Justice”25-BMS 
Crouch, Barry: “Records of the Texas Bureau”25-BMS 
Crouch, Barry: “Hidden Sources of Black History” in Southwestern Historical Quarterly25-BArticle 
Crouch, Barry: "Freedmen’s Bureau Historiography”25-BMS 
Freedmen's Bureau: Local Sub-Agent reports/various locales25-BCrouch notes 
“Introduction to Bureau of Refugess, Freedmen, and Abandoned Lands”25-BGuide 
Alabama & Florida: Black codes25-BArticles 
West Virginia: Violence25-AVarious sources 
Texas State Police/Redmon25-AVarious sources 
Texas State Police/Davidson25-AVarious sources 
Texas Senate Journal: general laws25-ADocuments1870
Texas: Reconstruction25-ANews accounts 
Texas: Railroads/militia bill25-AArticle 
Texas: Militia25-AArticle+documents 
Texas, financial history25-ABook xerox 
South: Reconstruction25-ABook extract 
South: Slave power25-ABook extract 
South: Freedmen’s rights/Republican party25-AArticles 
South: Freedmen’s Bureau established25-ADocument 
South: Freedmen’s Bureau/blacks25-AArticles 
South: Freedmen’s Bureau25-AArticles 
Nacogdoches County: Various data/Linn Flat troubles25-ADocuments + MS 
Mississippi: Vicksburg Plantations25-ABook extract1863-1870
Marion County: Jefferson, Reconstruction25-ANews account 
Maps (Hardin): Fannin County25-A  
Madison County: Disorders/martial law25-AVarious sources 
Limestone/Freestone Counties: Disorders/martial law25-ADocuments, TSL 
Hardin Family: various information25-ADocuments + notes 
Hardin, John Wesley/Brown Bowen: Relationship/violence25-AArticle + Misc. 
Hardin, John Wesley: Bibliography notes/notes re photos25-AMS, + notes 
Freedmen’s Bureau: Various states25-AArticles + MS 
Crouch, Barry: manuscript on Freedmen’s Bureau/Texas25-AMS 
Woodville, Tyler County: Violence24-B5MD, RG 393 
Wilson County: Apprenticeships24-B5MD, RG 393 
Williamson County: Cattle rustling24-B5MD, RG 393 
Wharton County: Violence24-B5MD, RG 393 
Webbsville24-B5MD, RG 393 
Weatherford: Violence24-B5MD, RG 393 
Waco: Violence/murder24-B5MD, RG 393 
Victoria: Politics/other topics24-B5MD, RG 393 
Quitman: Troops needed24-BCAH/UTL 
Tiuohig, John Papers: Misc.24-BTSL 
Throckmorton, James: Governor's Papers/various topics/political/violence24-BTSL1866-1867
Texas Constitutional Convention: Violence24-B5MD, RG 393 
Tarrant County: Ku Klux Klan (KKK) /other topics24-B5MD, RG 393 
Supreme Court (Texas)24-B5MD, RG 393 
Sumpter, Texas: Violence/politics24-B5MD, RG 393 
Stephenville, Erath County: Crime24-B5MD, RG 393 
Special election order, 1867: Texas24-B5MD, RG 393 
Smith County: Crime24-B5MD, RG 393 
Smith, George/his murder: Jefferson24-B5MD, RG 393 
Sequin, Guadaloupe County: Rebels in24-B5MD, RG 393 
Stephenville, Erath County: Crime24-B5MD, RG 393 
San Antonio: Lawlessness in area/other topics24-B5MD, RG 393 
San Marcos, Hays County: Bell’s report/murder case24-B5MD, RG 393 
Rusk County: Murders24-B5MD, RG 393 
Refugio and Karnes counties: Conditions24-B5MD, RG 3931870
Richmond, Texas: Legal issues24-BTSL 
Prison: Huntsville24-BTSL 
Pease, E. M.: Governor's Papers; Various topics/political/social24-BTSL1867-1869
Panola County: Election of 1869/voter fraud24-B5MD, RG 3931869
Newton County: Election of 186924-B5MD, RG 3931869
Newcomb, James P. Papers: Various topics24-BCAH/UTL 
Nueces County: Robberies24-B5MD, RG 393 
Navarro County: Violence/blacks24-B5MD, RG 393 
Nacogdoches County: Voting rights/ murder case24-B5MD, RG 393 
Wharton County: Affairs24-AGreen C. Duncan Papers/CAH/UTL 
Texas: Conditions24-ALouis Lenz Papers/CAH/UTL1865
Removals, resignation of Officials24-A5MD, RG 393 
Politics: Texas/Brownsville24-AJoseph Bledsoe Papers/CAH/UTL 
Politics: Texas24-ABell, James H. Papers/CAH/UTL 
Millican Riot24-A5MD, RG 393 
Milam County: Voting rights24-A5MD, RG 393 
Montgomery County: Sheriff24-A5MD, RG 393 
Menardville: Troopers murdered24-A5MD, RG 393 
Matagorda County: Black troops in24-A5MD, RG 393 
Marlin: Regulators24-A5MD, RG 393 
McLennon County: Violence24-A5MD, RG 393 
Livingston (Polk County): Violence24-A5MD, RG 393 
Lamar County: Government/politics24-A5MD, RG 393 
Kaufman County24-A5MD, RG 393 
Jefferson24-A5MD, RG 393 
Jacksonville/Tyler: Murders24-A5MD, RG 393 
Indianola: Epidemic24-AReading W. Black Papers/CAH/UTL 
Indian frontier: Problems24-A5MD, RG 393 
Indian frontier: Attacks24-A5MD, RG 393 (holdings) 
Index: Microfilm24-A5MD, RG 393 
Huntsville: Elections24-A5MD, RG 393 
Houston24-A5MD, RG 393 
Hempstead: Arms24-A5MD, RG 393 
Harrison County: Various topics24-A5MD, RG 393 
Harris County: Murders/Rebel juries24-A5MD, RG 393 
Halleltsville/Columbus: Arrests24-A5MD, RG 393 
Grimes County: Violence24-A5MD, RG 393 
Griffin, Gen. C.24-A5MD, RG 393 
Gregory, Gen.: Freedmen, labor24-A5MD, RG 393 
Gonzales: Arms/conditions24-A5MD, RG 393 
Goliad: Outrages/Union men24-A5MD, RG 393 
Gilmer, Upshur County24-A5MD, RG 393 
Gillespie County: Sentiments of people24-A5MD, RG 393 
Gatesville: Desperadoes killed24-A5MD, RG 393 
Galveston Police24-A5MD, RG 393 
French in Mexico24-A5MD, RG 393 
Fort Stockton: Indians24-A5MD, RG 393 
Fayette County: Conditions in region24-A5MD, RG 393 
Falls County: Voting rights24-A5MD, RG 393 
East Texas: Disloyalty, chaos24-A5MD, RG 393 
East Texas: Disloyalty, chaos24-A5MD, RG 393 
Davis, E.J.: Governor's Papers24-AGP/TSL1869-1871
Davis County: Tax theft24-A5MD, RG 393 
Dallas County: Conditions24-A5MD, RG 3931869
Culver, Capt.: Murdered24-A5MD, RG 393 
Crouch, Barry: Notes, race relations24-ABRFAL, RG 105 
Crockett: Violence, theft24-A5MD, RG 393 
Coryell County: Violence in24-A5MD, RG 393 
Corpus Christi: Rebel judges24-A5MD, RG 393 
Contract: Labor24-ABenj. Epperson Papers/CAH/UTL 
Columbus: Blacks/punishment24-A5MD, RG 393 
Clinton, DeWitt County: Blacks in24-A5MD, RG 393 
Cleburne: Conditions24-A5MD, RG 3931870
Clarksville: Politics24-A5MD, RG 393 
Civilian law versus military24-A5MD, RG 393 
Centreville: Murder case24-A5MD, RG 393 
Census (of slaves)24-AManuscript returns1860
Canton/Van Zandt County: Murder case24-A5MD, RG 393 
Brownsville: Raiders/robbers24-A5MD, RG 393 
Brenham: Conditions24-A5MD, RG 393 
Brazoria County: Murder case24-A5MD, RG 393 
Bosque County: Case of W. Bell24-A5MD, RG 393 
Belton: Conditions24-A5MD, RG 393 
Bell County: Desperado24-A5MD, RG 393 
Bastrop County: Conditions, violence24-A5MD, RG 393 
Barr, Amelia: Daily life, letters24-AAmelia Barr Papers/CAH/UTL 
Bandera County: Murder24-A5MD, RG 3931869
Violence in America: Inner-cities23-BBook extract 
Politics/Legislature: Texas Senate Journal23-BTSL 
Politics/Legislature: Texas House Journal23-BTSL 
Texas: Conditions in23-BNews articles 
Southern violence in 20th century23-BArticle 
Slavery/Freedom: in South23-BArticle 
Slave narratives: Men/women23-BDocuments 
Hill County: Hardin/Gathings23-BM.A. thesis extract 
Texas: Army occupation23-APh.D. diss., extract 
Sutton-Taylor feud23-ASome primary sources 
South: Martial image23-AArticle 
Red River County: History23-AM.A. thesis, extract1850-1860
Reconstruction: Historiography23-ABrief article 
Radical education23-APh.D. diss, extract1870-1873
Racial violence: Florida, WWII23-AArticle 
Race: Problem/education23-AArticle extract 
Photo: Union general23-A  
Philadelphia: Violent deaths in23-ABook 
Philadelphia, Blacks in23-ABook extract 
Peniteniary: List of convicts, other info23-ATSL1881
Pease, Lucadia23-ACrouch notes 
North Carolina: Violence in Reconstruction23-APh.D. diss., extract 
Maryland: Racial violence23-AArticle 
Marriage: Blacks/breech of23-A5MD, RG 393 
Lincoln, A.: Reconstruction23-AArticle 
Homicide in the U.S.23-AArticle 
Homicide: North and South23-ABook 
Homicide: History23-ANew York Times 
Female slaves in Civil War23-AArticle 
Dixon, W. H.: Short biography23-ABook extract 
Davis, E. J.: Violence23-AGP 
Crouch, Barry: notes on violence23-ANotes on 
Crouch, Barry: manuscript on Violence/black on black23-AMS 
Crouch, Barry: manuscript on G. T. Ruby23-AMS 
Crouch, Barry: manuscript on Railroads23-AMS 
Crouch, Barry: UT/correspondence23-A  
Crouch, Barry: LSU correspondence23-A  
Crouch, Barry: manuscript on Freedman’s Bureau23-AMS 
Crouch, Barry: Correspondence/general23-A  
Crouch, Barry: manuscript on Colorado County23-ANotes on 
Crouch, Barry: manuscript on Black women/violence against23-AMS 
Crouch, Barry: manuscript on Black women23-AMS 
Crouch, Barry: manuscript on Black family23-AMS 
Crouch, Barry: manuscript on Black convicts23-AMS 
Crouch, Barry: manuscript on Apprenticeships/children23-AMS 
Comanche Indians: Politics23-APh.D., diss., extract 
Colorado: Railroads23-AMap 
Bishop College23-AThesis collection 
Black women23-ABook extract 
Blacks and Weapons23-AArticle 
Blacks and Homicide23-AArticle 
Bibliographies: Crouch23-AVarious 
Baker book: Crouch23-ABook reviews 
Apprenticeships: Texas23-ABRFAL, RG 105 
Apprenticeships: Smith County, Texas23-AVarious primary sources 
Agrarian Protests: Religious dimensions23-APh.D. diss., extract 
Adjutant General, Texas: Index to Reconstruction records23-ARG 401, TSL 
Abraham Lincoln: Constitutionalism23-ABook extract 
Reconstruction: Texas/politics22-AM.A. thesis 
Reconstruction: Texas and South22-AArticles 
Reconstruction: in McLennon County22-AArticles 
Reconstruction: in Smith County22-A  
Reconstruction: in Nueces County22-A  
Reconstruction: in Colorado County22-A  
Reconstruction: Black politics/Texas22-AM.A. thesis 
Old South and “time”22-AArticle 
Northeast Texas Pioneers22-APh.D. diss., extract 
Miscellaneous Journal Articles22-A  
Lincoln, A. and Davis, J.: Reconstruction22-ABooklets 
Ku Klux Klan: Texas22-AM.A. thesis 
Homicides: Texas22-ACrouch notes 
Culver, Charles: Freedmen’s Bureau agent22-AArticle 
Crouch, Barry: manuscript on women/children/violence22-AMS 
Crouch, Barry: manuscript on state police22-AMS 
Crouch, Barry: manuscript on black politicians22-AMS 
Crouch, Barry: manuscript on black codes22-AMS. 
Carpetbaggers, Wives22-ABook extract 
Black women, General22-AArticles 
Black prisoners in 1st U.S. prison22-AArticle 
Blacks in Washington County22-AArticle1865-1890
Blacks in Waco22-AM.A. thesis1916-1922
Blacks in San Antonio22-ABook extract1867-1937
Blacks: Historiography22-AArticles 
Black emancipation and Whites22-AArticle 
Black Education in Texas22-APh.D. diss, extract/articles 
Black Codes: Southern22-AArticle 
Black Codes in Texas22-ANews account 
Baker, Cullen Montgomery: Death of22-A5MD, RG 393 
Waco: Racial violence21-BMS20th Century
Voter registration21-BPease, GP, TSL1867-1869
United States/South/West: Lawmen21-BArticle 
Texas Rangers: Lee Hall21-BBook extract 
Texas Rangers: History21-BArticle, book extract 
Texas: Reconstruction/miscellaneous21-BVarious sources 
Texas: Reconstruction/free labor21-BArticle of dubious value 
Texas: Reconstruction21-BBook extracts 
Texas: Mexican province21-BArticles 
State Police: Rosters21-BCrouch notes; Official, TSL 
State Police: Linn Flat affair/other topics21-BCrouch notes/other sources 
State Police: Critics/supporters21-BCrouch notes + news account 
State Police: Colorado County21-BDocument 
State Militia: History/muster rolls21-BArticle + doc., TSL 
South: Social/political topics21-BBook extracts 
Radical rule in Texas: Beginnings of21-BArticle 
Pennsylvania: U. S. 1st prison21-BArticle 
Omaha, Nebraska: Murder and race21-BArticle 
Lee-Peacock Feud21-B  
Lee-Peacock Feud21-BArticle 
Ku Klux Klan (KKK): Violence21-BCrouch notes/doc., 5MD, RG 393 
Helm, Jack and Lavaca County21-BPetition, TSL 
Book reviews21-BMisc. 
Bickerstaff: Life21-BArticle, brief 
State Police: Opinions about21-A  
State Police: Muster rolls21-A 1860s;1870s
State Police: Militia and guard21-A  
State Police: McNelly21-A  
State Police: Hunnicutt, M. P.21-A  
State Police: Helm, Jack21-A  
Special Police: Bell, C. S. and roster of21-A  
South: Blacks, violence and other topics21-AArticles about 
Sheriff’s reports, Texas21-A  
Reconstruction: Historiography and Miscellaneous21-ADocuments; Book/Richter 
Public Safety Department, History of21-A  
Population, Texas21-AExtract1870
Militia (Texas)21-ABook 
Madison County: Disorder21-A  
Loyal (Union) League: Texas21-A  
Laws: Unconstitutionality of21-AOpinion 
Judges: Davis’s appointments21-A  
Huntsville Riot21-AVarious sources 
Davis, E. J.: Message of, 1871/critics of21-A  
Crouch, Barry: manuscript introduction to State Police21-AMS 
Book reviews on Texas topics21-A  
Bickerstaff, Ben21-AArticle (brief) 
Texas Workers20-BPh.D. diss. Extract1821-1876
Texas Constitution20-BVarious sources 
Southerners, the Wealthy20-BArticle1860
South: Miscellaneous20-B  
Segregation/legal: South/courts20-BArticles 
Segregation in Texas20-BM. A. thesis1865-1958
Reconstruction: Historiography20-BArticles 
Race/segregation - Attitudes about20-BArticles 
Race Relations in Texas20-BM.A. thesis1865-1870
Race and Law in Texas20-BArticles 
Houston: Workers in20-BArticle, Ph.D. diss.1865-1914
Harrison County: Black repression20-BArticle 
Confederacy: Defeat of20-BArticle, Ph.D. diss. 
West Texas: Aborted state of20-AM.A. thesis 
Texas Supreme Court: History of20-ABook extract 
Texas (and the Civil War): Memoirs20-ABook extract, article extracts 
Texas: Unionism20-AArticle1861-1865
Texas: Secession convention20-ABook extract 
Texas: Migration into20-APh.D. diss., extract, article1860-1880
Southern Editors and Coming of Civil War20-ABook extract 
South (and Texas): Health/disease20-ABook extract, article extracts 
Slaves (and free blacks) in Civil War: Articles, book extracts Slavery in Texas: Secession20-APh.D. diss., extract, artifcles +MS 
Slaves (and free blacks) in Civil War20-AArticles, book extracts 
Religious Work in Texas20-AM.A. thesis extract, book extract1836-1885
Confederate migration to Mexico20-ABook extract, article 
Travis County: in Reconstruction19-BM.A. thesis 
Texas Reconstruction: Politicians19-BArticles, book extracts 
San Antonio: History19-BBook extract 
Jefferson/Marion county: Rise/decline19-BM.A. thesis, thesis extract, book extract 
Austin/Travis County: 19th century history19-BM.A. thesis, article 
Roberts, O. M.: Biography19-AM.A. thesis 
Republican Party/Texas History of, 1865-1965 Book Republican Party: Texas19-AM.A. thesis, article 
Republican Party/Texas: History of19-ABook1865-1965
Reconstruction and the South: Various topics19-AVarious sources 
Reconstruction Politicians: Texas19-AVarious sources 
Newcomb, J.: Radical Republican/biography19-AM.A thesis, book extract 
Memoirs: 19th century Texas19-ABook extracts 
McDonald, W. M.: Biography19-ABook 
Grayson/Fannin/Lamar Counties in Reconstruction19-AM.A. thesis 
Grayson County: History19-ABook extract 
Grange, the: In Texas19-AArticle 
Galveston: Reconstruction19-AM.A. thesis 
El Paso: Politics19-AM.A. thesis extract1850-1920
County histories: Bell/Marion/Bastrop/Nueces/Coryell/Cooke19-AVarious sources 
County histories: Austin/Marion/Hays/Lamar/Cameron19-AVarious sources 
Brownsville: Reconstruction19-AM. A. thesis extract 
Brown, John H. (journalist): Biography19-AM.A. thesis extract 
Black politicians in Texas19-AVarious sources1865-1900
Slavery: West Indies17-BArticles/book extracts 
Slavery (comparative): New World17-BArticles 
Slavery: West Indies (sugar production)17-AArticles 
Slavery: West Indies (primary accounts)17-AVarious sources 
Slavery: West Indies, and law17-AArticles 
Slavery: West Indies (demography)17-AArticles, book extracts 
Slavery: West Indies, background of17-AArticles 
Slave Trade: West Indies17-AArticles, book extracts 
Slave Health: West Indies17-AArticles 
Black families: West Indies17-AArticles 
Free blacks: West Indies17-AArticles 
Guerrilla Warfare: Violence/general topics16-BVarious sources 
Guerrilla Warfare: Quantrill, William16-BArticles, book extracts 
Guerrilla Warfare: Tennessee/Louisiana/Arkansas16-BArticles 
Guerrilla War: Bloody Bill Anderson16-BArticle, book extract 
Guerrilla War (bandits): Miscellaneous16-BMisc. 
Guerrilla War: Civil War/Missouri16-BArticles, book extracts 
Guerrilla War: Civil War/Kansas16-BArticles, book extracts 
Guerrilla War: Civil War/general order #1116-BArticles 
Guerrilla Raids: Civil War16-BBook extract 
Guerrilla leaders (various) from Civil War16-BArticles, book extracts 
Social Bandits16-BBook extract 
Victoria/Lavaca counties: Memoirs from Journal of A. R. Coleman14-BJournal of A. R. Coleman 
Texas politics: Delegates to Republican National Convention14-BM.A. thesis1860-1896
Texas Legislature: Members of14-BBook extract1846-1930
Texas Laws: Various topics14-BDocument/index 
Slave narratives: in Texas14-BDocuments/book extracts 
Slavery: Families14-BArticle/book extract 
Ruby, George T.: Black leader/Reconstruction/Education14-BBRFAL, RG 105, NA 
Marriage by bond: Texas, colonial era14-BBook/documents 
Freedmen’s Bureau: in Texas and South14-BDocuments 
Education: in Texas14-BBook extract 
Cuney, Norris W.: Texas black leader14-BM.A. thesis 
Constitutional Convention: Texas14-BDocument1869
Blacks: Families/Houston14-BArticle/book chapter 
Blacks: Families14-BBook extracts/articles 
Blacks: Education14-BBook/articles 
Blacks, definition of14-BDocument/legislature 
Black newspapers: in Texas14-BPh.D. diss., extract 
Black households: in South14-BArticles 
Apprentice laws14-BDocument/legislature 
Smith County Census, partial14-A 1870
Politics, miscellaneous14-A  
Lavaca County census, partial14-A 1870
Haughn, C.: Judge, murder of14-A  
Hamilton, A. J.14-AGP/TSL; CAH/UTL 
DeWitt County: State Senator Prigden; controversy in DeWitt County14-A  
Davis, E. J.14-AGP/TSL 
Crouch, Barry: Freedmen’s Bureau and blacks14-A  
Crouch, Barry: Critique of “Beyond Revisionism,” given at the SHA 199114-A  
Crouch, Barry: Black rights (MSS)14-AMSS 
Crouch, Barry: Black marital problems (MSS)14-AMS 
Crouch, Barry: Black marital and parental rights (MSS)14-AMSS 
Crouch, Barry: Freedmen's Bureau Agents & Blacks (MSS)14-AMSS 
Crouch, Barry: Black rights (MSS)14-AMSS 
Miscellaneous County Histories, partial (B through Y)14-A 1870
Civil Rights Movement: Historiography14-AArticle/Smallwood 
Freedmen's Bureau records, guide to14-A  
Brazos County census, partial14-A 1870
Bowie County census, partial14-A 1870
Blacks and politics14-A 1865-1900
Blacks and the penitentiary14-A  
Blacks, Migration to Kansas14-A  
Blacks, guide to dissertations about14-A 1933-1966
Bexar County census, partial14-A 1870
State Police: names of members; dates; dismissals; retirements15-1 thru 16-2Miscellaneous 
Source cards; bibliographic information; research notes15-1 thru 16-2Miscellaneous 
Freedmen's Bureau info from National Archives15-1 thru 16-2Miscellaneous 
Tyler/Dallas/Meridian/Lockhart: Reconstruction38-BBRFAL, RG 105 
Thompson, Ben: Outlaw38-BArticle, book extract 
Taylors (Sutton-Taylor Feud): Reconstruction38-BVarious sources 
Sumpter/Trinity County: Reconstruction38-BBRFAL, RG 105 
Sulphur Springs/Hopkins County38-B  
Richmond/Fort Bend County38-BBRFAL, RG 105 
Paris/Matagorda/Sterling/Liberty38-BBRFAL, RG 105 
Outlaws/social bandits38-BArticles 
Mount Pleasant/Titus County: Reconstruction38-BBRFAL, RG 105 
Marshall/Harrison County: Reconstruction38-BBRFAL, RG 105 
Longley, Bill & Hardin, John Wesley: Outlaws38-BBook extract 
Longley, Bill: Outlaw38-BVarious sources 
Ku Klux Klan (KKK) /outlaws: Reconstruction38-BVarious sources 
Jefferson/Marion County: Reconstruction38-BBRFAL, RG 105 
Houston: Reconstruction38-BBRFAL, RG 105 
Hempstead: Reconstruction38-BBRFAL, RG 105 
Harrison County: History of38-BM.A. thesis extract1839-1880
Galveston: Reconstruction38-BBRFAL, RG 105 
Freedmen’s Bureau: Rosters/Districts38-BBRFAL, RG 105 
Ex-slave narratives: Various topics38-BInterviews 
Clarksville/Red River County: Reconstruction38-BBRFAL, RG 105 
Brenham: Reconstruction38-BBRFAL, RG 105 
Bickerstaff, Ben.: Raider38-BVarious sources 
Belton/Jacksboro/Woodville/Anderson: Reconstruction conditions38-BBRFAL, RG 105 
Bell, C. S.: Detective (Sutton-Taylor Feud)38-BBRFAL, RG 105 
Baker, Cullen: Cofederate serive records38-B  
Austin/Travis County: Reconstruction38-BBRFAL, RG 105, 5MD, RG 393 
Arkansas/Louisiana: Reconstruction38-BBRFAL, RG 105 
American West: Gunfighters38-BArticles, book extracts 
Women’s Studies: Women and the Civil War13-BBook extracts 
Women’s Studies: White/black/families13-BArticles 
Women’s Studies: Work world13-BArticles 
Women’s Studies: South13-AArticles 
Women’s Studies: Race/class/gender13-AArticles 
Women’s Studies: Miscellaneous13-AVarious sources 
Women’s Studies: the Law and13-AArticles 
Women’s Studies: “Cult” of womanhood13-AArticles 
Women’s Studies: Comparative/historiographical13-AArticles 
Women’s Studies: Children13-AArticles 
Women’s Studies: Topics vary/rape/other abuse13-AArticles 
Women’s Studies: Black women13-AVarious sources 
South: Thomas, Ella, journal of13-ABook extract 
Education: South/Female Institute13-APh.D. diss. 
Smith, T. M. K.: Sub-Agent, reports of12-BBRFAL, RG 1051868
Sinclair, William: Inspector for Freedmen's Bureau, reports of12-BBRFAL, RG 105 
Round Rock: Blacks, conditions of12-B5MD, RG 393 
Rand, Charles: Sub-Agent reports12-BBRFAL, RG 105 
Pension records: Holsinger/Hardenbrook12-BNA (RG uncertain) 
Newton County: Marriage, issue of12-B5MD, RG 393 
Mount Pleasant: Murders12-B5MD, RG 393 
Millican disturbance: Report on12-B5MD, RG 3931868
Lavaca (town in Calhoun County): Murder12-BThrockmorton, GP 
Lampassas: Murder attempt12-B5MD, RG 393 
Kirkman, William G.: Freedmen's Bureau Agent12-BBRFAL, RG 105 
Karnes County: Volunteers after rustlers12-B5MD, RG 393 
Jefferson: Sub-agent reports12-BBRFAL, RG 105 
Huntsville: Elmore case/contracts/freedmen12-BBRFAL, RG 105 
Hempstead, TX: Sub-Agents reports12-BBRFAL, RG 1051866-1867
Hart, Hardin Judge: Cannot hold court12-B5MD, RG 393 
Harrison County: Black Codes12-BBRFAL, RG 105 
Hardin/Polk counties: Continued slavery12-B5MD, RG 393 
DeWitt County: Murder12-B5MD, RG 393 
Crouch, Barry: article on self-determination/black leaders12-BArticle/Phyon 
Crouch, Barry: article on justice/blacks12-BArticle 
Crouch, Barry: draft of manuscript on Freedmen's Bureau in Texas12-BMS, draft 
Crouch, Barry: article on Freedmen's Bureau in Smith County12-BArticle 
Crouch, Barry: draft of manuscript re: Freedmen's Bureau and black families12-BMS, draft 
Crouch, Barry: draft of manuscript re: Freedmen's Bureau in Beaumont12-BMS, draft 
Crouch, Barry: draft of manuscript about black women in Texas12-BMS, draft1865-1870
Crouch, Barry: draft of manuscript of black children12-BMS, draft1865-1870
Crouch, Barry: Article on Gregory Barrett Letters/Freedmen's Bureau12-BArticle 
Grayson County: Political appointments12-B5MD, RG 3931869
Freedmen's Bureau: Official rosters/letters register12-BBRFAL, RG 1051866-1867
Bowie County: Political appointments12-BBRFAL, RG 1051867
Black women in the Colonial era12-BArticles 
Beaumont: History12-BBook extract 
Beaumont: Port of12-BM.A. thesis extract1856-1942
Beaumont: Sub-Agents reports12-B5MD, BRFAL1865-1868
Baker, Cullen Montgomery: in Letters Register12-B5MD, RG 3931868
Atlanta murders: Blacks/serial killer12-BNews accounts 
Archer, John: Service records/relates to Beaumont12-B5MD, RG 393 
Slavery: aspects of in United States12-AArticles 
Slavery: Latin America12-AArticles 
Slavery: Genovese/Marx12-AArticles 
Slavery: Economics12-AArticles 
Slavery: Comparative12-AArticles 
Slavery: Abolition of12-AArticles noted 
Slavery: British West Indies11-BPapers, Articles 
Slavery: Brazil11-BArticles, book extracts 
Slave Trade: Abolition of11-BArticle 
Crouch, Barry: Slavery11-BNotes + MS 
Crouch, Barry: Manuscript on slave women/comparative11-BMSS 
Brazil: Sharecroppers11-BBook extract 
White supremacy in the United States and South Africa11-AArticle 
Virginia: Black women/free11-AArticle1784-1820
Tocqueville on U. S. Slavery11-AArticle 
South Carolina: Slavery11-AArticles 
South: Time on the Cross11-AArticle 
South: Slaves, treatment of11-AArticle 
South: Slave trade/domestic11-AArticles 
South: Slave sexuality11-AArticles 
South: Slave revolts11-AArticle 
South: Slave religion11-A  
Slavery: White female opposition11-AArticle 
South: Slave nutrition11-AArticles 
South: Slave mortality11-AArticles 
South: Slave law/social structure11-AArticle; book extract 
South: Slave heights11-AArticles 
South: Slave health11-AArticles 
South: Slave fertility10-BArticles 
South: Slave families10-B  
South: Slave education10-BArticle 
South: Slave demographics10-BArticles 
South: Slave breeding10-BArticle 
South: Slavery/urban10-BBook chapter 
South: Slavery/politics10-BArticle 
South: Slavery/industrial10-BBooklet, articles 
South: Slavery/economics10-BBook extracts/articles 
South: Slavery/drivers/house/field hands10-BArticles/book chapter 
South: Slavery/cotton belt10-BArticle 
South: Slavery/archeology10-BArticles 
South: Civil War/ treatment of black Union soldiers10-BArticle 
Pennsylvania: Slavery10-BArticles 
New Amsterdam: Slavery10-BArticle 
Missouri: Slavery10-BArticle 
Mississippi: Slavery, life span10-BBook extract 
Maryland: Slave population/slave image10-BArticles 
Louisiana: Slavery, economic and colonial10-BArticles 
Georgia: Slavery10-BArticles 
Colonial America: White Servitude10-BBook extract 
Texas prison system10-ABook1867-1912
Texas penal system10-ABound Ph.D. diss.1829-1951
Prisoners: Women, national10-ABook 
Prisoners: Women, in Texas10-AM. A. thesis1907-1910
Prisoners: Women in/comparative10-AArticles, book chapters 
Prison system: Reports10-AGovernment docs.1871-1872; 1876
Prison system: Texas, politics of10-AM.A. thesis 
Penitentiaries: Texas10-ATestimony about TSL 
Penitentiaries: Texas, freedpeople in10-ACrouch notes + various sources 
Penitentiaries: Texas, case studies10-AVarious sources 
Penitentiaries: Convict-Lease10-AM. A. theses, extracts 
Penitentiaries: Miscellaneous10-A  
Penal Slavery during Southern Reconstruction10-AArticle 
Penal Reform in the South10-AM. A. thesis extractpost - 1865
Alabama: Prisons10-APh.D. dissertation 
Slavery and the Slave Trade: miscellaneous topics and subtopics9-BArticles, book extracts 
Slavery: U. S./ comparative9-BArticles 
Slavery: Historiography/ book reviews9-B  
Slavery: Comparative9-BArticles 
Slavery: Economics9-BArticles 
Slavery: Brazil9-BBook extract 
Slavery: in Africa9-BArticles, book extracts 
Slave trade: Africa's Role in9-BArticle 
Roman Era late/Italy: Various topics on slavery9-ABook extracts, articles 
Roman Empire: Slavery/socio-economics9-AArticles 
Islam and Slavery9-AArticles 
Classical age: Slavery outside Rome/soc/eco9-ABook extracts, articles 
Classical age: Slavery/Greeks9-ABook extracts, articles 
Americas: Slavery/Plantations9-ABook extract 
Wood County/Freedmen’s Bureau8-BBRFAL/RG 105, NA1867
Wilson County/Freedmen’s Bureau8-BBRFAL/RG 105, NA1866
Wharton County/Freedmen’s Bureau8-BBRFAL/RG 105, NA1868
Washington Co./Brenham/Freedmen’s Bureau8-BBRFAL/RG 105, NA 
Walker County/Freedmen’s Bureau8-BBRFAL/RG 105, NA1867-1868
Waco/McLennan County/Freedmen’s Bureau8-BBRFAL/RG 105, NA 
Victoria County/Freedmen’s Bureau8-BBRFAL/RG 105, NA1866-1868
Van Zandt County/Freedmen’s Bureau8-BBRFAL/RG 105, NA1868
Tyler County/Freedmen’s Bureau8-BBRFAL/RG 105, NA1867
Titus County/Freedmen’s Bureau8-BBRFAL/RG 105, NA1868
Texas, violence in8-BHamilton, A. P. GP, TSL 
Texas/Freedmen’s Bureau: General orders and circulars8-BBRFAL/RG 105, NA1866-1867
Sumpter, Texas, Freedmen’s Bureau8-BBRFAL/RG 105, NA 
Sterling, Texas/Freedmen’s Bureau8-BBRFAL/RG 105, NA 
State Police: Williams and Redmon.8-B  
State Police: Roster and Misc8-B  
State Police: Helm controversy8-B  
State Police: Hardin8-BVarious sources 
State Police: Bastrop, TX8-BNewspaper reports1870-1871
State Police: activities8-BNewspaper reports1870-1872
Slavery: Women8-BArticles 
San Augustine County/Freedmen’s Bureau8-BBRFAL/RG 105, NA 
Rock, William, Bureau agent8-BBRFAL/RG 105, NA 
Robertson County/Freedmen’s Bureau8-BBRFAL/RG 105, NA 
Richmond/Ft. Bend Co./Freedmen’s Bureau8-BBRFAL/RG 105, NA 
Red River County/Freedmen’s Bureau8-BBRFAL/RG 105, NA 
Population of Texas8-BAlmanac1870
Polk County/Freedmen’s Bureau8-BBRFAL/RG 105, NA1867
Nacogdoches County/Freedmen’s Bureau8-BBRFAL/RG 105, NA1867-1868
Millican, Texas: Freedmen’s Bureau8-BBRFAL/RG 105, NA 
Marlin, Texas: Freedmen’s Bureau8-BBRFAL/RG 105, NA 
Marion County: Freedmen’s Bureau8-BBRFAL/RG 105, NA1868
Liberty County: Freedmen’s Bureau8-BBRFAL/RG 105, NA1867-1868
Lavaca County: Freedmen’s Bureau8-BBRFAL/RG 105, NA1868
Hardin, John Wesley and Brown Bowen8-B  
Lancaster, Texas, Freedmen’s Bureau8-ABRFAL/RG 105, NA 
Lampassas County8-AMisc. historical sources 
Lampassas County: Census8-A 1870
Lamar County/Freedmen’s Bureau8-ABRFAL/RG 105, NA1868
LaGrange/Freedmen’s Bureau8-A  
Kaufman County/Freedmen’s Bureau8-ABRFAL/RG 105, NA 
Jasper County/Freedmen’s Bureau8-ABRFAL/RG 105, NA 
Hunt County/Freedmen’s Bureau8-ABRFAL/RG 105, NA 
Houston County/Freedmen’s Bureau (Includes news clipping from Sumpter in Trinity County)8-ABRFAL/RG 105, NA1867
Higgins: Lampassas County8-A  
Horrells from Lampassas County8-A  
Horton, W./Bureau Agent8-ABRFAL/RG 105, NA 
Hopkins County/Freedmen’s Bureau8-ABRFAL/RG 105, NA 
Hill and Walker Counties: Includes reports of lawlessness from Davis and AG)8-ADoc. 
Harrison County/Freedmen’s Bureau8-ABRFAL/RG 105, NA1867-1868
Harris County/Freedmen’s Bureau8-ABRFAL/RG 105, NA1867-1868
Guadalupe County/Freedmen’s Bureau8-ABRFAL/RG 105, NA1867-1868
Grayson County/Freedmen’s Bureau8-ABRFAL/RG 105, NA1867-1868
Goliad County/Freedmen’s Bureau8-ABRFAL/RG 105, NA1867
Gilmer, Texas/Freedmen’s Bureau8-ABRFAL/RG 105, NA 
Galveston County/Freedmen’s Bureau8-ABRFAL/RG 105, NA1867-1868
Elections: Caldwell/Gonzales/Guadalupe Counties8-ABRFAL/RG 105, NA1872
Freestone County/Freedmen’s Bureau8-ABRFAL/RG 105, NA1867-1868
Ellis County/Freedmen’s Bureau8-ABRFAL/RG 105, NA1867
DeWitt County/Freedmen’s Bureau8-ABRFAL/RG 105, NA1867-1868
Corpus Christi/Freedmen’s Bureau8-ABRFAL/RG 105, NA1867-1868
Colorado County/Freedmen’s Bureau8-ABRFAL/RG 105, NA1868
Brazoria County/Freedmen’s Bureau8-ABRFAL/RG 105, NA1866-1867
Bosque County/Freedmen’s Bureau8-ABRFAL/RG 105, NA1867
Beaumont/Freedmen’s Bureau8-ABRFAL/RG 105, NA1867
Bastrop/Freedmen’s Bureau8-ABRFAL/RG 105, NA1867-1868
Austin/Freedmen’s Bureau (includes continuing slavery)8-ABRFAL/RG 105, NA1867
Anderson County/Freedmen’s Bureau (includes Ku Klux Klan (KKK))8-ABRFAL/RG 105, NA1867-1868
Blacks/contract labor, issues about8-ABRFAL/RG 105, NA1866
Black women, South, and World War I8-AArticle/Crouch notes 
Adjutant General’s Reports, Texas8-A 1872-1873
Slavery: Women7-BArticles 
Slavery: Southeast Asia7-BBook 
Slavery and Religion and Humanitarianism7-BArticles 
Slavery and Religion7-BArticles 
Slavery and Race/Class7-BArticles 
Slavery and Law7-BArticle, book extract 
Slavery (and related topics): Latin America7-BArticles 
Slavery and Education/social change7-AArticles 
Slavery and Economics/labor7-AArticles 
Slavery: Comparative/historiography7-AArticles; Various Sources 
Slavery and Abolition7-AArticles 
Slave trade7-AArticles 
Slave resistance: Latin America/West Indies7-AArticles 
Slave resistance: Caribbean/Afro-American7-ABook 
Slave families: Comparative7-AArticles, Ph.D. diss., extract 
Penitentiaries: Misc./U.S.6-B  
Penitentiaries: Women in6-BVarious sources 
Penitentiaries: Washington, D.C.6-BBook extract 
Penitentiaries: Virginia6-BBook, article, book extract 
Penitentiaries: U.S. comparative (Europe)6-BVarious sources 
Penitentiaries: United States/Misc.6-B  
Penitentiaries: United States6-BVarious sources 
Penitentiaries: Tennessee/various sub topics6-BVarious sources 
Penitentiaries: Texas/various sub topics6-BVarious sources 
Penitentiaries: Statistics6-BPh.D. diss., extract 
Penitentiaries: Southwest6-BArticle 
Penitentiaries: South Carolina6-BBook extract 
Penitentiaries: South6-BArticle, book extracts 
Penitentiaries: and Race6-BArticles 
Penitentiaries: Punishment6-BArticles, article extracts 
Penitentiaries: Police/social history6-BArticle 
Penitentiaries: Pennsylvania6-BArticle, article extracts 
Penitentiaries: Oklahoma, reform6-BArticle1970s
Penitentiaries: North Carolina/Ohio6-BArticle, book extract 
Penitentiaries: 19th Century6-BArticles, M.A. thesis extract 
Penitentiaries: New York/various topics6-BVarious sources 
Penitentiaries: Mississippi6-BArticle, book extract 
Penitentiaries: Massachusetts6-BBook extract, article 
Penitentiaries: Maryland/punishment6-BBook extract 
Penitentiaries: Louisiana/punishment6-BBook extract 
Penitentiaries: Industry/labor/punishment6-BArticles, article extract 
Penitentiaries: Homicides/urban6-BArticle1950s
Penitentiaries: Holland6-BBook extract1500s-1600s
Penitentiaries: Historical trends6-BBook extract1850-1960
Penitentiaries: Girls/reform6-BArticle1856-1905
Penitentiaries: Georgia/blacks/convict lease6-BBook, book extracts 
Penitentiaries: France, early history of6-BBook extract 
Penitentiaries: Female/discipline6-BArticle 
Penitentiaries: in England/women/eras6-BArticles, book extract 
Penitentiaries: Criminal Law6-BArticles, article extracts 
Penitentiaries: as capital/as labor6-BArticle, article extract 
Penitentiaries: Colonial era6-BArticle, article extract 
Penitentiaries / prison camps: Civil War/other topics6-BBook extracts, articles 
Penitentiaries: Black women/western prisons6-BUnpublished MS 
Penitentiaries: Arizona/Arkansas6-BM.A. thesis extract, articles 
Penitentiaries: Alabama6-BM.A. thesis extract, article 
Slavery: Spain/Portugal/Holland/Brazil6-AArticles and book chapters 
Latin America: Slavery/some comparative studies6-AArticles and book chapters 
Brazil: Slavery/population/economics6-ABook 
Brazil: Slavery and abolition5-BArticles 
Brazil: Slavery/misc. topics/abolition5-BArticles and book extracts 
Brazil: Slavery5-BArticles and book extracts 
Americas: Slavery/women and religion5-BArticles and book extracts 
Americas: Slavery and Slave trade5-BArticles and book extracts 
Americas: Slavery/eye-witness accounts5-BArticles and book extracts 
Americas: Slavery and Religion5-BArticles and book extracts 
Americas: Slavery/economics5-BArticles and book extracts 
Americas: Slavery/demographics/cultural changes5-BArticles and book extracts 
Americas: Slavery/demographics5-BArticles and book extracts 
Americas: Slavery and Abolition5-BArticles and book extracts 
West: Cavalry wife5-AMemoirs/extract1866-1867
Virginia: Civil War5-AArticle/ book extract 
United States: Civil War; Reconstruction, and the Constitution5-AArticle 
United States: Civil War5-AArticle 
Walker County, TX: early history5-ABook extract 
Victoria, TX: Military action5-AArticle1865-66
Tumlinson Family/ Rangers5-ABook extract 
Throckmorton, James: Biography5-ABook extract 
Texas: Republican party/birth of party5-AArticle 
Texas: Reconstruction5-ABook chapter 
Texas: Reconstruction/army/Republican party5-AArticle 
Texas: Reconstruction politics/army5-AArticle1866-1867
Texas: Reconstruction/black officeholders5-ABook extract 
Texas: Race War, 1883/Harrison and Smith counties5-AArticle1883
Texas: Army garrison life/frontier5-ABook extract 
Texas: Frontier army5-AArticle 
Texas: Cotton trade with Mexico5-AArticle 
Texas: Civil War5-AWomen’s diaries 
Texas: Civil War/cotton5-AArticle 
Texas Appalachia: Hill Country5-AArticle 
South: Unionism/Reconstruction5-ABook extract 
South: Sugar Cane industry5-AResearch note 
South: Stories about5-ABook extract 
South: Slave hiring5-AResearch note 
South: Slave Family5-AArticle 
South: Sheridan and the Army5-ABook extract & article 
South: Shelby, Jo - book extract5-ABook extract 
South: and segregated education5-AArticle1867-1875
South: Reconstruction historiography5-AArticles 
South: Reconstruction attitudes5-AArticle 
South: Reconstruction/agriculture and law/black education/land redistribution5-AArticles 
South: Planters/social history5-ABook extract 
South: Johnson’s impeachment/Army’s role5-AArticle 
South: Grant, U. S./politics5-AArticle 
South: Freedmen’s Bureau/labor issues5-AArticle 
South: Freedmen’s Bureau/education in South Carolina5-AArticle 
South: Freedmen/American Missionary Assoc./education5-AArticle 
South: Freedmen’s Aid Society reports (not active in Texas)5-AArticle 
South: Confederate legislatures5-AArticle 
South: Civil War/plantation leasing5-AArticle 
South: Civil rights and politics5-AArticles1865-1877
South: Black political thought5-AArticle1865-1900
South: Freedmen’s Bureau/ O. O. Howard/reinterpretation4-BArticle 
South: Freedmen’s Bureau/politics/segregation4-BArticles 
South: Agriculture4-BPh.D. diss.1865-1870
San Antonio: Labor mobility4-BArticle1870-1900
Radical Reconstruction and Northeast businessmen4-BArticle 
Ohio: Reconstruction/black miners4-BArticle 
Mississippi Valley: Reconstruction/agriculture4-BArticle 
Mississippi: Reconstruction/Scalawags4-BArticle 
Louisiana: Slavery/Baton Rouge4-BArticle1820-1860
Louisiana: Reconstruction/memoirs/desegregation of schools4-BArticles 
Louisiana: Civil War/slavery/slave loyalty/plantations4-BBook extracts/article 
Louisiana: Civil War Emigrants4-BArticle 
Lockhart, TX: Freedmen’s Bureau property suit4-BBRFAL, RG 105, NA 
Limestone County: Blacks, history4-BBook extract 
Smith, Gen. Kirby: Biography4-BBook extract 
Hill County/Walker County: Conditions/crimes4-BDavis report; M. A. thesis 
Hill County: Conditions4-BAGO report1870
Harrison County: Politics4-BArticle1850-1880
Hancock, Gen. W.: Biography Hancock, Gen. W.: Biography4-BBook extract 
Freedmen’s Bureau: Texas4-BMS 
Freedmen: Capacity of4-BArticle 
Emancipation: Argument for4-BBook 
Custer, Gen. G. A.: Biography4-BBook extract 
Crouch, Barry: Manuscript on State Police and E. J. Davis4-BMS 
Crouch, Barry: Notes on Lucadia N. Pease4-BNotes 
Crouch, Barry: Article on Freedmen's Bureau/30th sub-district4-BArticle 
Crouch, Barry: Manuscript on Freedmen's Bureau Agents and blacks4-BMS 
Crouch, Barry: Manuscript and article on Black Family4-BMS and article 
Civil War: War crimes4-BArticle 
Civil War: Confederate letters4-BBook extract 
Canby, E. R. S.: Biography4-BBook extract 
Brenham: Fire of 18664-BArticle 
Brazos County: History of4-BM.A. thesis 
Blacks/Indians - Frontier4-BArticle 
Blacks in Cooke County4-BBrief book 
Black soldiers: Ft. Davis4-BArticle 
Black migration: Southwestern cities4-B 1865-1900
Baylor, Col. J. R.: Biography4-BBook extract 
Banks, Gen. N. P.: Biography4-BBook extract 
Alabama: Reconstruction/Socio-economics4-BArticle 
Wilson County4-A5MD, RG 393 
Wharton County4-A5MD, RG 393 
Weatherford County4-A5MD, RG 393 
Washington County4-A5MD, RG 393 
Victoria/Lavaca/Calhoun/DeWitt/Gonzales/Jackson counties4-A5MD, RG 393 
Van Zandt County/Canton4-A5MD, RG 393 
Travis County/Austin4-A5MD, RG 393 
Taxation Laws4-A5MD, RG 393 
Sterling4-ADocument, Texas State Library 
Smith County/Tyler4-A5MD, RG 393 
San Augustine County4-A5MD, RG 393 
Red River County/Clarksville4-A5MD, RG 393 
Polk County/Livingston4-A5MD, RG 393 
McLennan County/Waco4-A5MD, RG 393 
Matagorda County4-A5MD, RG 393 
Marion County/Jefferson4-A5MD, RG 393 
Nacogdoches County4-A5MD, RG 393 
Leon/Grimes/Medina Counties4-A5MD, RG 393 
Lamar County/Paris4-A5MD, RG 393 
Kaufman4-A5MD, RG 393 
Hopkins County/Sulphur Springs4-A5MD, RG 393 
Harrison County/Marshall4-A5MD, RG 393 
Harris County/Houston4-A5MD, RG 393 
Galveston4-A5MD, RG 393 
Freestone County4-A5MD, RG 393 
Forts (Bliss, Richardson, Mason, McKavitt, Davis)4-A5MD, RG 393 
Fifth Military District/headquarters4-A5MD, RG 393 
Fayette County4-A5MD, RG 393 
Ellis County/Navarro County4-A5MD, RG 393 
Corpus Christi4-A5MD, RG 393 
Constitutional Convention4-A5MD, RG 3931868-1869
Colorado County4-ABRFAL, RG 105; 5MD, RG 3931865-1869
Colorado County: Service Records4-A5MD, RG 393/BRFAL, RG 105 
Collin County4-A5MD, RG 393 
Cherokee County/Rusk4-A5MD, RG 393 
White Camelia: Galveston politics3-B5MD, RG 393 
Wood County: Multiple murders3-B5MD, RG 393 
Williamson County: Tax collectors robbed3-B5MD, RG 393 
Webbersville: Lawlessness3-B5MD, RG 393 
Washington County: Murder3-B5MD, RG 393 
Waco: Voter registration3-B5MD, RG 393 
Voter registration: Issue in several counties3-B5MD, RG 393 
Travis County: Pease popular3-B5MD, RG 393 
Titus County: Lawlessness3-B5MD, RG 393 
Throckmorton, James: Various issues and railroads3-B5MD, RG 393 
Texas: Conditions, politics3-B5MD, RG 393 
Sutton-Taylor Feud3-B5MD, RG 393 
Tarrant County/Ft. Worth: Iron clad oath3-B5MD, RG 393 
South Texas: Voter fraud3-B5MD, RG 393 
Southerland Springs: Illegal apprenticeships3-B5MD, RG 393 
Smith County: Various issues3-B5MD, RG 393 
Sheriff: Court processes3-B5MD, RG 393 
San Patricio County: Regulators vs. authorities3-B5MD, RG 393 
Rusk County: Lynchings3-B5MD, RG 393 
Rusk County: Politics3-B5MD, RG 393 
Round Top: Terrorists there3-B5MD, RG 3931869
Robertson County: Murder3-B5MD, RG 393 
Richmond/Ft. Bend County: Troops must stay3-B5MD, RG 393 
Reynolds, Gen. J. J.and Republican Party3-B5MD, RG 393 
Refugio County: Armed bands/violence3-B5MD, RG 393 
Red River County3-B5MD, RG 393 
Politics: Copperheads3-B5MD, RG 3931869
Penitentiaries: varied topics3-B5MD, RG 393 
Parker County: Rebels in control3-B5MD, RG 3931867
Palo Pinto County: Bad conditions in3-B5MD, RG 3931869
Outlaws: in South Texas3-B5MD, RG 393 
Norton, Judge: No court/violence3-B5MD, RG 393 
New Braunfels, TX: Domestic violence3-B5MD, RG 393 
Navasota, TX: Escapees3-B5MD, RG 3931867
Navarro Couny: Riggs Case3-B5MD, RG 393 
Navarro County: Murder/horse theft3-B5MD, RG 393 
Montgomery County: Violence/asked for troops3-B5MD, RG 393 
Milam County: Murder3-B5MD, RG 3931870
Milam County: Election of 1869/Rebel stopping of3-B5MD, RG 393 
Matagorda County: Rebel control3-B5MD, RG 3931867
Marlin: Murders3-B5MD, RG 393 
Marion County: Election fraud3-B5MD, RG 3931869-1870
Marion County: Crimes, need troops3-B5MD, RG 393 
Marion County: Recaptured escaped prisoner3-B5MD, RG 3931869
Madisonville: Crimes3-B5MD, RG 3931869
McLennen/Washington Counties: Taxes3-B5MD, RG 3931869
McKee, S.: Murder threat, Lockhart3-B5MD, RG 393 
Lunatics and Money issues3-B5MD, RG 3931870
Louisiana: New Orleans, railroad, map3-BUnknown source 
Lockhart, Texas: Freedman robbed3-B5MD, RG 3931869
Limestone/Freestone Counties: Violence, race related3-B5MD, RG 3931871
Limestone/Freestone Counties: disorder in, Trammell in3-B5MD, RG 3931871
Limestone County: Martial law in3-B5MD, RG 3931871
Limestone County: Murder3-B5MD, RG 3931869
Limestone County: Culver’s murderer free3-B5MD, RG 3931869
Liberty County: Blacks persecuted3-B5MD, RG 3931869
Leon County: Rebellion ongoing, Rebs in office3-B5MD, RG 3931867
Lee gang: Member of, killed in Chicago3-B5MD, RG 3931869
Lavaca County and Jack Helm3-B5MD, RG 3931869
Lavaca County region: Ku Klux Klan and violence3-B5MD, RG 3931869
Lavaca County: Murders here and throughout state3-B5MD, RG 3931867
Lampasas County: Disorder, State Police in to quell3-B5MD, RG 3931873
Lamar County: Rebs in charge, majority Unionists3-B5MD, RG 3931867
Lamar County/ Paris: Crime, testimony about3-B5MD, RG 3931869
Lamar County: Conditions in 18443-BLetter; article extract 
LaGrange, TX: Republican Party, suppression of3-B5MD, RG 3931867
Ku Klux Klan (KKK): Women Against3-AArticle 
Ku Klux Klan (KKK): 20th century3-ABook extract 
Ku Klux Klan (KKK): Table of contents3-ABook extract 
Kaufman County: Murders3-A5MD, RG 393 
Kaufman County: Murders and escapees (including murders by gang from Van Zandt County)3-A5MD, RG 393 
Karnes County/Helena: Peace brothers, murders3-A5MD, RG 3931869
Karnes County/Helena: Land dispute, murder over3-A5MD, RG 3931869
Karnes County: Area, out-of-control3-A5MD, RG 3931867
Jackson County: Blacks murdering whites3-A5MD, RG 3931869
Iron Clad Oath: False swearing by Rebels3-A5MD, RG 3931869
Houston County: Roberts W., murdered3-A5MD, RG 3931869
Hopkins County: Politics/ Ku Klux Klan, murders3-A5MD, RG 3931869
Hopkins County: Assault3-A5MD, RG 3931869
Hill County: Violence3-A5MD, RG 3931869
Hempstead, Texas: Ban on guns (sheriff did not enforce)3-A5MD, RG 393 
Henderson, Texas: Union men not allowed to register3-A5MD, RG 3931867
Hart, Hardin, judge: attempted assassination of3-A5MD, RG 3931869
Hardin, John Wesley and Bill Longley3-A5MD, RG 3931870
Harris County/Houston: Railroad3-A5MD, RG 3931869
Harris County: Sheriff, new, loyal3-A5MD, RG 3931867
Harris County: Judge, removed, refused to have black jurors3-A5MD, RG 393 
Hamilton, A. J.: Politics3-A5MD, RG 3931869
Grimes County: Rose brothers murderers3-A5MD, RG 3931869
Grayson County/ Pilot Grove: Case of soldier (Fowler)3-A5MD, RG 3931869
Goliad/Victoria Counties: Lynchings (Taylor gang)3-A5MD, RG 393 
Goliad/DeWitt/Refugio Counties: Murders3-A5MD, RG 393 
Goliad County: Rebels, intimidation before elections3-A5MD, RG 3931869
Galveston County: Robbery3-A5MD, RG 3931867
Galveston County: Knights of the White Camellia (terrorist organizations)3-A5MD, RG 3931869
Galveston County: Hamilton appointments3-A5MD, RG 3931865
Galveston County: Freedman murdered3-A5MD, RG 3931870
Galveston County: Black voter registrar3-A5MD, RG 3931869
Fugitives: Murderers now in Mexico3-A5MD, RG 393 
Freestone County: Judges associate with Rebels3-A5MD, RG 3931869
Fort Duncan: Freedman, murder attempt on trooper3-A5MD, RG 3931869
Fort Clark: Black mail carrier murdered3-A5MD, RG 3931870
Fort Bend County: Richmond, 25 troopers wanted3-A5MD, RG 3931869
Fort Bend County: Politics3-A5MD, RG 3931867
Fort Bend County: Ku Klux Klan, freedmen robbed3-A5MD, RG 3931869
Fort Bend County: Insurrection of freedmen3-A5MD, RG 3931869
Fort Bend County: Freedmen (2) tried for murder3-A5MD, RG 3931869
Fort Bend County: Freedmen elected, protest of whites3-A5MD, RG 3931869
Fayette County: Horse theft/ Special officer Honnicutt3-A5MD, RG 3931869
Fannin County: Sheriff elected3-A5MD, RG 3931867
Election of 1869: Irregularities and fraud3-A5MD, RG 3931869
East Texas: Voter registrars3-A5MD, RG 393 
DeWitt County: Murderers/Bell, special officer3-A5MD, RG 3931869
Denton County: Ran Spencer arrested3-A5MD, RG 393 
Denton County: Counterfeiters3-A5MD, RG 3931869-1870
Davis, E. J.: Armed guard necessary3-A5MD, RG 3931869
Davis County: Unionist murdered/ Unionist politics3-A5MD, RG 3931869
Dallas County: troops needed; Pettit and Parker there3-A5MD, RG 3931869
Dallas County: Slavery still practiced3-A5MD, RG 3931867
Dallas County: Jails poor; ditto surrounding counties3-A5MD, RG 3931869
Dallas County: Ku Klux Klan/Rebels in control3-A5MD, RG 3931869-1870
Dallas County: Gun ban asked by citizens3-A5MD, RG 3931867
Cotton Gin: Judges protecting rebels & white criminals and sentencing blacks3-A5MD, RG 3931867
Coryell County: Out-of-control, lynchings3-A5MD, RG 3931869
Corpus Christi: Rebel judges, lawlessness3-A5MD, RG 393 
Corners, the: Bob Lee et al3-A5MD, RG 3931869
Cooke County: Rebels and politics3-A5MD, RG 3931869
Comal County: Horse thieves out-of-control3-A5MD, RG 3931869
Comal County: Blacks ready to lynch other blacks3-A5MD, RG 3931869
Columbus, Texas: Election of 18693-A5MD, RG 3931869
Collin County/ Hunt County: Rewards for two murderers3-A5MD, RG 3931869
Cold Springs, Texas: Conditions in, politics3-A5MD, RG 3931867
Cherokee County/ Rusk: Whites care for black family3-A5MD, RG 3931870
Cameron County: Bankrupt3-A5MD, RG 3931868
Cameron County: Murder and Arson3-A5MD, RG 3931869
Cameron County: Iron Clad Oath3-A5MD, RG 3931867
Cameron County: Cattle theft and regulators3-A5MD, RG 3931869
Cameron County: Cattle theft3-A5MD, RG 3931869
Calvert, Texas: Outlaw Ben Brown3-A5MD, RG 3931869
Calvert, Texas: Military orders3-A5MD, RG 3931869
Calvert, Texas: Disorders, including escaped prisoners3-A5MD, RG 3931869
Caldwell County: Justice of the peace appointed3-A5MD, RG 3931869
Burnet County: Crimes great, need troops3-A5MD, RG 3931869
Burnet County: Black voter registrar3-A5MD, RG 3931870
Burelson County and Murder attempt3-A5MD, RG 3931869
Burelson County and John Wesley Hardin3-A5MD, RG 3931870
Bryan, Texas: Freedman murdered3-A5MD, RG 3931869
Brazoria County: Freedmen suppressed3-A5MD, RG 3931869
Brazoria County: Voter registration and rejects3-A5MD, RG 3931867
Brazoria County: Black preacher shot3-A5MD, RG 3931869
Bowie County: Deaths of Cullen Baker and Matt Kirby3-A5MD, RG 393 
Bowie County: Town officials in Boston3-A5MD, RG 3931869
Bowie County: Seduction/ marriage/ child support3-A5MD, RG 3931869
Bowie County: Rebel officeholders3-A5MD, RG 3931857
Bowie County: Murder, robbery, assault3-A5MD, RG 3931869
Bowie County: Kirkman’s murder3-A5MD, RG 393 
Bowie County: Jurists, none qualified3-A5MD, RG 3931867
Black voting rights3-AGP (Pease, E.M.), TSL 
Bexar County: Refuse blacks as jurists3-A5MD, RG 3931867
Bexar County: San Antonio/Freedmen’s school, lot for3-A5MD, RG 3931869
Bexar County: Rape + other cases3-A5MD, RG 393 
Bexar County: Railroad controversy3-A5MD, RG 3931869
Bexar County: Degener denied congressional seat3-A5MD, RG 393 
Bexar County: Deed, San Antonio, for black school3-A5MD, RG 393 
Bexar County: Black paupers3-A5MD, RG 3931869
Bell County: Troops scout for outlaws3-A5MD, RG 3931869
Beaumont: Voter registrars3-A5MD, RG 3931868
Beaumont: No jurists for court3-A5MD, RG 393 
Bastrop/Caldwell/Hays Counties: Conditions in Jails, crime in countryside3-A5MD, RG 3931869
Bastrop County: James Weaver, horse theft3-A5MD, RG 3931869
Bastrop County: Violence3-A5MD, RG 393 
Bastrop County: Slavery (including children) lasts until 18693-A5MD, RG 393 
Bastrop County: Election disputes, violence3-A5MD, RG 393 
Wartime Murders: Bandera, Kerr, and Blanco Counties3-A5MD, RG 393 
Austin, Texas: Gun ban effective3-A5MD, RG 3931870
Austin County3-A5MD, RG 393 
Army: Manpower shortage in the interior of Texas3-A5MD, RG 393 
Arkansas: Wanted men on Texas border3-A5MD, RG 393 
Apprenticeships: Issue of3-A5MD, RG 393 
Anderson County: People refuse to pay taxes3-A5MD, RG 393 
Anderson County: Ku Klux Klan, need troops3-A5MD, RG 393 
Anderson County: Issue of Iron Clad Oath3-A5MD, RG 393 
Texas: miscellaneous topics2-BRG 393 
Texas: Population and Migration2-BArticles1835-1860
Ku Klux Klan and Texas2-BArticle + MS1865-1875
State Police & E. J. Davis2-BBook extract 
North Carolina: Ku Klux Klan (KKK) & Republicans2-BBook chapter 
Ku Klux Klan (KKK) & Black Culture2-BBook chapter 
Crouch, Barry: Union League2-BNotes, Misc. 
Crouch, Barry: Miscellaneous and photos2-B  
Crouch, Barry: Correspondence2-BMisc. 
Crouch, Barry: Article & Correspondence re: blacks; penitentiaries; & reconstruction2-AArticle + correspondence 
Crouch, Barry: Article on Black Marriage2-AArticle 
Crouch, Barry: Black Codes Notes2-ANotes 
Crouch, Barry: Manuscript on Texas Black Codes and Freedmen's Bureau2-AMSS 
Crouch, Barry: Miscellaneous Research/Correspondence2-A  
Black Codes: South Carolina2-AArticle 
Baker, Cullen Montgomery: Taylor's Account2-AArticle 
Baker, Cullen Montgomery: Orr's Account2-ABook extract 
Baker, Cullen Montgomery: Bartholomew Account2-ABook 
Baker, Cullen Montgomery: Biographies2-A5MD, RG 393; articles; book extract 
Virginia: Appomattox Park1-BNews account 
United States Secretary of War Report1-BDocument extract1866-1867
United States: Marriage/ divorce1-BU.S. document1867-1886
Throckmorton, J.: various topics, including dismissal1-BGP, TSL, various 
Texas: Slavery1-BVarious Sources 
Texas: Violence report1-BSec. of War doc. 
Texas: Sheridan report1-BSheridan Papers, Library of Congress 
Texas: population statistics1-BVarious sources 
Texas (eastern): map1-BDocument 
Texas Crime: Statistics on1-BBRFAL, GP 105 
State Militia: law creating1-BDocument 
Smith County, TX: Freedmen’s Bureau & rebel control1-BBRFAL, RG 105, Pease, GP, TSL 
Slaves: running to Texas1-BBRFAL, RG 105Post June, 1865
Slavery in Texas1-BBRFAL, RG 1051867
Rock: Bureau agents/Richmond, Texas1-BBRFAL, RG 105 
Republicans1-BLibrary of Congress1869, 1872
Reconstruction Convention1-BDocument 
Poverty: county actions towards poor1-BLetter 
Penitentiary, laws relating to1-BDocument 
Pease, E. M.: Correspondence1-BCAH, UTL1865
Panola County, TX: gang of killers1-BBRFAL, RG 105 
Violence and other topics1-B  
Newspaper index for Texas1-BTSL 
Millican: Riot1-BVarious sources 
Lawlessness in Texas1-BDocument 
Lamar County, TX: Reports1-BBRFAL, RG 105 
Labor contracts: Terms1-BBRFAL, RG 105 
Ku Klux Klan (KKK): Richmond, Texas/warnings1-BBRFAL, RG 105 
Indians: Battles/deaths/related topics1-BArticles, documents 
Houston, TX: Orphans and conditions1-BBRFAL, RG 105 
Helm & Davis: Detail1-BNews account 
Hamilton, A. J.: Freedmen/frontier/report1-BGP, TSL 
Galveston, TX: Reports1-BBRFAL, RG 105 
Freedmen’s Bureau: Local agents/reports1-BBRFAL, RG 105 
Freedmen’s Bureau: Agents and civil authorities1-BBRFAL, RG 105 
Freedmen: Unsupervised/violence1-BNews account 
Debt collection letter1-BBRFAL, RG 105 
Davis, E. J.: Child support1-BGP, TSL 
Correspondence: Stephens/Banks/Butler1-BLibrary of Congress1868-1869
Constitutional Convention: Delegates to1-BDocument 
Constitutional Convention: Texas1-BDocument 
Columbus, TX: Report1-BBRFAL, RG 105 
Civil War correspondence1-BUniversity of Arkansas documents. 
Cherokee County, TX: Election dispute, 18711-BNews account 
Falls County, TX: Violence1-BBRFAL, RG 105 
Robertson County, TX: Violence1-BBRFAL, RG 105 
Brazos County, TX: Violence1-BBRFAL, RG 105 
Black women & children1-BMS + notes 
Black education: Reports1-BBRFAL, RG 105 
Black Codes: Texas and South1-BDocuments 
Black Codes: Detail1-BM.A. thesis 
Black Children, return of1-BBRFAL, RG 105 
Bell County, TX: Politics/ La Grange, TX1-BBRFAL, RG 105 
Bastrop, TX: Disloyal officials1-BBRFAL, RG 105 
Ball, Petsey: Seeking family1-BBRFAL, RG 105 
Baker, Cullen Montgomery: Outlaw career1-BVarious sources 
Apprenticeship - Freedmen's Bureau: Abuse/Austin1-BBRFAL, RG 105 
AMA teacher: Incident/Georgetown1-BBRFAL, RG 105 
Throckmorton, James: Reconstruction Papers1-ACAH/UTL1865-1876
Newcomb, James: Reconstruction Papers1-ACAH/UTL1867-1872
Hamilton, Andrew Jackson: Reconstruction Papers1-ACAH/UTL1866-1873
Epperson, Benjamin: Reconstruction Papers1-ACAH/UTL1865-1866; 1867-1876